Mainstream Killed The Radio

This one of those vents I get in, so here goes….. The-Dream isn’t the original “radio killa”, yep, rap is.

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After hearing Lupe Fiasco album is being pushed back for no legit reason, it has the the underground fans uproar and even starting an online protest at Atlantic records. I feel like we now know who’s killing hip hop, these lame ass Labels heads, his first album went gold and his last album went platinum, so whats the hold up for he sells so you can’t say he won’t make the paper. I feel they keeping good artist with positive minds down for a reason, Souja Boy seems to be everywhere but yet all he talks about is shit but some pretty boy swag. So I guess we got to take a stand and fight back, if Lupe told me anything is that to make sure my voice is heard well we all shouting for Laser and you can to. Support Lupe and sign the petition here to get Lasers out this year and as soon as possible.Will it help, maybe it we all take a stand and help get it out. Keep good music alive, I’m out and stay positive.