NBA Summer League roundup. Future stars in the making

This Year’s summer league is a sign of great things to come.

As NBA Summer League action came to a close Sunday, you simply couldn’t ask for more from a fan standpoint. Cavaliers hustle man Christian Eyenga clearly proved that he’s underrated on the radar and demands a change soon as possible. Though he only finished with 11 points, Chris bled NBA up and coming star the whole game as I watched him battle through defenders with confidence, hustle down the floor to block some crazy shots, and spread the ball around just like the perfect teammate should. Cleveland will soon rid themselves of the permanent scar Lebron left as long as they continue to fill their roster with team first oriented players like Eyenga.

DeMarcus Cousins also was one to look out for this Summer League. He’s been known to fall into a slump at times; and Sunday he did just that. Finishing with six and six, Cousins just couldn’t find an answer for the Dallas defense. Either that or he still isn’t mentally ready to believe in his game. Nonetheless, I was pretty content with the performance he gave within this short span of games. However, seeing him and Blake Griffin match-up will be something a lot of people yearn to see.

John Wall has the potential to be a NBA superstar but, if he doesn’t develop a jumpshot I hope he’s prepared to be banged up for his first 82 games.

Demar Derozan also was a bright light for the Raptors as they will need something positive to look forward to this season. He will be joining Matt Barnes who is currently coming off a stint of twitter beefs with the Basketball Wives. Derozan now has the whole team on his shoulders and it seems that he’s not ready to uphold that position just yet. He’s a young guard so I expect him to be injured sometime this season. Just my prediction.

Now onto my favorite, Jeremy Lin. Dallas now has a great front man if they just seize the opportunity before someone else does. I’ve heard talks of the Lakers, and Warriors when it comes to Jeremy. He’s a great undersized 6’3 point guard that can spread the floor and penetrate a defense as well. I could just imagine how much he would grow under the wing of Phil Jackson. After all, sometimes its not about the points you put up. Its about the production you put in while you have those team colors on your back. I hope the Lakers pick this guy up he’s definitely worth it but, I expect the Warriors to pull a slick move after losing three players with that trade involving David Lee.


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