Rick Ross-Teflon Don(Album Review)

Who knew cops could rap………

Officer Ricky back at it again with his Fourth Album ‘Teflon Don’,to be a expose as a fake, I must admit, I’m shocked he’s still relevant. I personally haven’t listen to a Rick Ross album since those pictures leaks, I lost mad respect for this guy. Not even the fact he’s with the alphabet boys but that he felt he had to hide it. A Rapper quick to say they killed a nigga or slang coke but not say they was a cop, that would have shook the hip hop community, put fear in these rapper but he denied denied and lost major credibility in my eyes but this is My first album listening since Port Of Miami of Rick Ross and I must say, even if he’s fake, he delivers great music.

“I’m Not A Star” starts the album off and blow me away, Officer Ricky flow incredibly and it’s a tough track. The next track my favorite track on the album. I know some of you got the track off the site “Free Mason” with Jay-Z. Now understand that alot of people assumed they would be glorifying the devil or some dumb shit but that’s not the case., their just using it or Rick Ross using it as he’s is in a elite status but we already knew that about Ross, but I digress. Hov killed it taking jabs at the bloggers and critics, he says “They can’t do nothing with me, they put the devil on me, I would have preferred y’all to squeeze the metal on me” Jay ripped it as he always.”Tears Of Joy” is a crazy track but I do not like his comment where he states he’s Biggie Smalls in the flesh, just cuz Diddy says something don’t mean you should take it to your head only thing you two have similar is a gut.

The first Maybach Music still the best but “Maybach Music III” feat. Tip, Kiss and Erykah Badu is hard, Kiss murdered that shit. The Next track has my favorite verse on the album “Live Fast, Die Young” with Mr.West killing shit, back by popular demand,(his words not mines) My dude said he’s so stylish people mistake him for his stylish, Yeezy back! “Super High” I’m not really feeling, and the next two tracks are stale, when I hear he staking coke or some shit I don’t believe you Like 50 said about Ja “It’s Murder! I don’t Believe you!” speaking of which he didn’t take a shot a Fifty on the album.

“Blowing Money Fast” is a banger and Styles P kills that shit. Like Drake album, he’s features outshine him but it kinda works in his favor unlike Drake. Which bring me to “Aston Martin Music” with Drake if your heard drake version it was nice I mean Rick kills but Drake thrashed that track. I guess that is why he kept his verse off, had enough people stealing his shine on his album. My main problem is not really with the album itself more the Rapper Ross, believing in what he says, as silly as that sounds but I’m listening and all I’m thinking it’s bullshit! but in the end it’s still good music and isn’t that all that really matters?

Overall its a hot album, the album strengths is it’s features, Yeezy, Hova, Kiss and Styles P made the album worth the listen for me and it’s a great listen and I hate that he didn’t put Drake verse on “Aston Martin Music” it would have set the album off, but if you like good music surprisingly this is it, Ross dose a good job on the album when it comes to flow, Lyrics and is great production wise. I would say this is a buy, not a must buy, but a buy especially to the Rick Ross doubter like myself, I mean, if you can’t appreciate good music then your just a hater.

Recommended Tracks: Free Mason, Live Fast Die Young, Maybach Music III, Aston Martin Music

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