Sources say iPhones are secretly being replaced at Apple Stores (Updated link at bottom)

There has been an immense speculation that Apple has already began replacing iPhone 4’s with newer ones over the past couple days. The newer models are said to be clear of any antenna problems as well. Apple has been under heavy fire by consumers since the launch of the iPhone 4;seemingly ducking the fact that these phones were indeed manufactured incorrectly. However, through the grapevine I’ve been hearing that new models of the phone are already being sold and switched for old ones in the Apple retail stores.

Steve Jobs is also holding a press conference to shed some light on the antenna problem and is expected to announce a fix for it in the process. The only three options he really has left is:

  • Offer a iPhone replacement to every consumer who is experiencing these issues
  • Describe how a software fix might help solve the problem
  • Give out one free bumper per customer that would simply reduce these death grip issues

Most of the antenna reports I hear are coming from people who in fact ordered their iPhones from AT&T and not the Apple store. I have no clue as to what significance this may hold at the moment. Bloomberg News reported yesterday that Steve actually knew of the iPhone design flaw in 2009 as the product was in manufacturing.

Steve has to be on his toes with this one, I’ll try to keep this post updated as new information is released.



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