Jobs vs The People verdict reached;We win a free bumper…

The debate is finally over. People can move along from this issue…when their cases come in the mail that is.

Earlier at the Apple press conference, Jobs pretty much cleared the air surrounding speculation of a recall by saying “We’re going to do whatever it takes to make them(the people) happy and if we can’t make them(the people) happy we’re going to give them(the people) a full refund and say we’re really sorry we inconvenienced you, and we’re going to do better next time.”

With all else being said, Jobs acknowledged the fact that the iPhone has an antenna problem. He also went on to point out that every smart phone possesses the same problem as well. Please refer here to see the antenna comparison page on Apple’s website.

The iPhone 4 is indeed a work of art; which is how we feel about every iPhone that has been released to date. However, I do in fact believe the media has blew this antenna issue way out of hand. If everyone knew from jump, then why wait for this issue to spoil over to want a bumper case?

I’ve been an avid electronic collector since I became employed at a phone store two or three years ago. So I’m very familiar with the Nexus One, Blackberry 9700, Htc HD2, and iPhone’s flaws. Also between the 4 different models, I’ve had about 20 of them collectively within two years. This should prove in fact that even with flaws, people still care about the features more than anything on the phone.

“Realistically speaking, who really buy’s smart phones anymore just to make phone calls?”

There’s but so much we can do and say as consumers to get what we want and in Apples case;we the people get 100% say so referencing any problems or bugs noted and Apple blesses us with a software update soon as possible. Seems to me that we the people are the one’s with the gigantic egos.

“We the people were the ones who begged for video recording;they created the 3GS. We the people were the ones who wished for a front face camera for video chat;they created the 4G. We the people are the one’s getting what we want at the end of the day as well as Apple. It’s a 50/50 deal. If we’re gonna complain, then lets at least complain for a legitimate reason concerning these signal drops. Most of us are just complaining because the signal fades, big deal. Most All of our apps work well on wifi and if in a life or death situation 911 can be reached weather you have service or not. End of story.”

At the end of the day, nothing we say or do is going to stop Apple’s success. More than half of us who complain will still continue to buy Apple products. So in the words of Steve Jobs I’ll leave things here: “We’re not perfect, Phones aren’t perfect.”

Please enjoy your iPhone 4, antenna issue or not.

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