Curren$y-Pilot Talk(Album Review)

Rocafella’s New Go To Guy………..

Curren$y, is an New Orleans rapper and former member of the group Fly Society.  Formerly a member of Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment, he joined the No Limit Records collective as a teenager homeboy been on the move. Curren$y is now the newest signed artiste to launch the new Rocafellas by Damon Dash so the pressures on, so is he bringing Rocafellas back on the map?

“Example” is a nice open intro where he states he the example of taking risk on your dream real nice vibe on that one.The new track “Audio Dope II” is a decent track but I’m not really into the “drug game” so tracks like that go over my head, Crack is whack and reefer sucks! “King Kong” is hot that’s a  song about determination I really like that. Next track with Snoop “Seat Change” the sound of the song is kinds distorted how it’s put together but Snoop killed it.Then the album picks up, “Breakfast” is hot, I can relate to that track that’s a rider track for me, that’s my favorite track on the album. “Roasted” is fresh even though I don’t smoke anymore, if I relapse, this one of those track I will play, real laid back and he speaking some real shit on that with Young Roddy. The next two tracks Skybourne and The Hangover are some good tracks but “The Day” Feat. Mos Def and Jay Electronica is hard.

The album took a risk kinda, the vibe of the album is very chill and laid back, and I like it but some people can take this album as boring or a drag. His music you can just bounce to and you know dance records is what sell. In all honesty it’s a weed album,that album you pull out and smoke too, which is not necessary a bad thing unless you don’t smoke like myself.  The album pretty short as well, to have 13 tracks it’s probably 35 minutes long, it’s a mixtape format, if you like that format it’s a plus meaning not many hooks and stuff just good music and it’s good. I must add I love that he put “Under The Scope” as the last track, you heard that already so putting that last is a great way to end the album.

Overall, it’s a good album, I love the vibe what the album brings, if you smoke the kush then expect this to be a great album to you but to the sober now people like myself just makes us reminisces and I will seriously say pass just for that reason but it doesn’t take away a solid record. It can seem like a boring album to people who are use to up tempo albums cuz this album stay at the same pace all through.  For Rocafella he is a decent start off the new brand but no Hova but I can see alot of people playing this in their car day and nite.

Recommended Tracks:  The Day,  Breakfast, King Kong


3 thoughts on “Curren$y-Pilot Talk(Album Review)

  1. Our tastes in music differs king kong is my least fav

    rating should be 3 for production alone tho lyrics are regular fare and flow is weak

  2. haha no offense, but this review isn’t very good… it’s sad that in 2010, every rap album needs to be compared to club music.. and you realize that on audio dope II, he’s saying “track trafficking” not “crack trafficking”.. it’s AUDIO dope.. drugs for your ears, makes you want to come back… any familiarity w/ the artist and you would know that yes, he smokes green (a LOT), but there’s never any talk of the drug trade, violence or any of that stuff.. and no mention of his unique rhyme schemes/flows and stream of consciousness/clever lyrics is kinda weak (also the “flow” comment by the visitor above is so uninformed, it’s not even funny).. but then again, if you’re comparing to club stuff, then i guess that’s to be expected

    1. I stated in the review that track goes over my head and he uses the drug game as a reference or metaphor which Is why I didn’t get the song for real. I never said it’s drug album just that it’s an album to smoke to and ride to there is a differences. I I never stated it had to be a club album, but that’s what seem to sells so I’m putting it into a perspective as an mainstream listener.

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