Best/Worst of 2010(so far)

From Kanye return to the throne to Wacka Floca comments on lyrical rappers we got the top moments of the year….so far.

Lil Wayne goes to jail

After a delay at his request due to dental surgery, a postponement because of a courthouse fire and then rescheduling his court date, Lil Wayne was finally sentenced and serving his one-year prison term stemming from a 2007 gun arrest on March 8.

Kanye West Returns at The BET Awards

Been on the low for months and now he’s made his big comeback, Kanye West preformed at the BET Awards, his first time seen live since Jay Leno show. He left us guessing and wanting more with his new hit “Power” and lookout for his fifth album Good Ass Job due out late September.

Wacka Flocka Flame On Lyrical Rappers

Leave it up a whack rapper to keep things all the way 100.  Now I understand that there has been a transition where ignorant rap is essentially the ticket to success, but to give a low blow to lyrical rappers is uncalled for especially when you is a dumb fuck educate yourself before you try to make sense.

Lil B K.O

On some real this was a some bitchassness from the Tiger Woods rip off but the Knockout is hilarious, gotta protect you face always Lil b haha.

Wale Performs at Gay pride festival

Wale one of the hotter Emcees of today, was criticize for canceling a gay pride concert but due to all the backlash, Wale reschedule the performance and apologizes to that fans at the festival but it funny how his good deed got unnoticed but soon as he canceled the concert the bloggers went crazy and I bet none of them even know who Wale is.

Erykah Badu Strips down

The most controversial video of the year and I must say Ms.Badu got a fatty but the video doesn’t take away a great song that is “Window Seat”

Mystikal freed

One of my favorite No Limit soilders free from jail January 14, 2010. After his release Mystikal said:

I was gone so long, all the things I achieved, all the accolades I attained, it felt like it was a dream. It felt like I’d never done that stuff. But watch how I shake this world up now — I want reparations”

Chris Brown MJ tribute

Chris Brown finally got his chance to honor Jackson, after being passed on last year for his well documented issues involving Rihanna. He danced to a number of Jackson songs, including ‘Remember the Time’, Smooth Criminal’ and ‘Billie Jean’, but emotions got the best of him when he sang ‘Man in the Mirror.’ Dude shut it down and out shine Kanye West, shit like that don’t happen on the regular.

Rebirth Of Rocafellas

When Damon Dash pulled a Roc-A-Fella chain out of his vault several months ago and presented it to Curren$y, it was just a celebration of their friendship. Now, the chain means much more. Dash is resurrecting Roc-A-Fella Records and plans to make Curren$y the starter of label or the new “Jay-Z,” let’s see how that works out.

Best Albums of The Year (So Far)

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