You know you played yourself when…



Lol , I always wanted to start off a post like that. This week’s edition of “You know you played yourself when…” we have a foolish young caucasian woman who was dressed in picknick wear on a 88 degree day. Skirt was plaid and so were her……umm I don’t know what to call them things on her feet. I tried to make out if they were converse, but they werent. Then, I checked H&M and all them girly stores which they didn’t carry these things either. So for now these will be dubbed the “plaid… you mad?” sneakers.

Now imagine this on a chick;this is real wool on these shoes mind you. My new Yorkers know how hot the D train is 365 days a year, so imagine having these on during a summer day right after you just blazed yourself in the sun. Suicide feet I call it. Some times its better just to wear flip flops. Dragon toes or not.

“You know you played yourself when you got on the train with wool sneakers on an 88 degree summer day.”


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