Blame the iPhone 4 software. Phone not included

Since the iPhone 4’s release, there have been numerous over exaggerated reports about the phone’s bugs and etc. Which is nothing new, every year someone finds something to file a class action lawsuit against Apple for the iPhone product. People seem to forget that these phones are being developed in factories, but that’s not the case at all in this situation. I’ve been a iPhone user since the 3G first hit stores. Skipping the 2G due to the fact that the space for the ram was incredibly low(which is why the phone is slow).

I wake up every morning to read the daily shit on the internet. So one day I’ll see something about how an iPhone blew up in someone’s ear, in someones hand, how it burned someone’s ear, or how the signal fades, and how the usb port exploded when plugged into the computer(my favorite). Not to sound like an apple fanboy(because I’m not), but these stories are incredibly bogus. This is coming from a guy who has had almost 10 iPhones within the past two years along with a good 6 different blackberries.

There is nothing wrong with the iPhone line of products at all. It’s just like any other phone, unfortunately people place Apple on a pedal stool so high that when something goes wrong it shocks the world.

When you exert a lot of power from numerous applications and texting on your phone it is bound to heat up. That’s what electronics do. These phones are not created with cooling fans. Both, the iPhone 3GS and 4 heat up just as they should when a large amount of power is exerted. Why is this method caused this way? How nice of you to ask, the iPhone 4.0 software update added the multi-tasking feature which allows users to run applications in the background respectively without slowing down the phone. The downside to this(what people forget) is that when you open or close apps regardless of if you used it for 10 minutes or 2 seconds, the app will run in the background. That indeed is not the iPhone’s fault. The software update was supposed to implement a 10 minute period where as after 10 minutes the apps in the background are supposed to close out one by one.

However, Apple did not follow this plan. Nor did they give us a toggle option to set how long apps can run in the background before automatic closure. So we as iPhone users, are forced to manually close our apps if we want to prevent a heat wave. We all aren’t perfect; I’m aware that no one will even remember to close out the apps simply because I don’t myself. There has also been a signal issue reported with the iPhone 4. Again, another bug within the software update. People have to remember that every iPhone has a unique feature than the previous one. So its common that these things happen. Whoever coded the Apple software left numerous bugs, but have no fear. These are the mistakes we as people make in order to improve our products.

The problem is the software people! I hope that me dumbing this post down for everyone to understand clearly makes things easy for you from now on. The more energy used, the more heat created. iPhone’s don’t blow up in your ear; anyone ever heard of a headset? I remember reading an article in the news a few years ago about how the electrons from cellular phones kill brain cells anyway; which it’s why it’s reccommened you have a headset. I hope you all didn’t think Apple included their headsets because the phone has a built-in iPod.

There is a software update on the way, a normal from Apple. The .01 software updates usually fix the bugs of the major launches. I, myself am having issues where as the keyboard isn’t as responsive as it should be on my 3gs since the update. When you delete captured pictures they also create black boxes where the pictures were deleted(Yes, those are llamas in my camera roll).

I’m hoping to get my iPhone 4 on the 23rd of this month when I go pay for it. So, I’m quite sure everyone is having the same problems. We can speculate, we can make rumors, we can complain, but at the end of the day Apple is still getting paid. Like I stated before, power creates the heat and the problem is not with the phones. Signal fades included. The problem is with the software coding and the fact that we can’t automatically have background apps killed.

No matter how good something may seem, there’s always a downside. Until next time iPhone nation.


2 thoughts on “Blame the iPhone 4 software. Phone not included

  1. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

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