NBA Shuffle

It’s been an entire day since the big 3 was announced and I think we’ve seen more
movement today then we have since free agency began on the first of July.
Between Thursday and Friday, we’ve seen Kyle Korver & Carlos Boozer go to the
Bulls, double-double machine David Lee was dealt to the Golden State Warriors in
a sign-and-trade, and Travis Outlaw signed with the New Jersey Nets. There has
also been a few rumors floating around concering Raymond Felton & Derek Fisher.
Its expected Felton will become Amare’s new Steve Nash, and Derek Fisher will
join Miami’s newly minted big 3. Jermaine O’Neal is expected to sign with the
Boston Celtics anytime now, and JJ Redick can possibly be a Bull come the
beginning of the season. I know its a little confusing, and yes there’s a lot of
movement, but in reality, only a few teams actually IMPROVED their rosters.
Overall, there’s been small moves here and there, but can these moves possibly
be set up’s for the 2011 free agent class? We can only wait and see.


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