Miami Vice

So the decision has been made: Lebron James is officially out of Cleveland and a Miami Heat. Now before all of ya speak your peace, let me say why I think this plan was in effect for the past few years. LeBron has been in the league for going on eight years. He’s managed to obtain every accolade under the sun…besides the NBA championship.

 However, he did come up a champion in the summer of 2008 when he helped bring home an Olympic gold medal. Since then,  Lebron and the Cavs accumulated over 120 regular seasons, but was unable to win 16 games in the post season. So from May 13th until July 8th 2010, LeBron thought about winning. He looked at the opportunity to win again with Bosh and Wade and ran with it. Coming from a Cavalier fan, I have a huge issue with this. Not because he left my favorite team, but becasue he took the easy way out. LeBron no longer is option number one. LeBron no longer has the heart of a city that has loved him since they received the number one pick in the 2003 draft lottery. LeBron can no longer say he’s as great as Jordan or Kobe who both stuck through the dark ages of their respective franchises only to bring multiple championships to their cities. Now let’s say the Miami Heat does not come home with the hardware in June. I’m sure he’ll wonder what if he signed with say a Chicago Bulls, or stayed put in Cleveland. You took the risk of becoming the greatest thing that ever happened to not only a CITY but a STATE, only to start from scratch in a city that will never be yours unless Wade leaves? That’s ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, Cleveland did not always give it their best shot to put the proper pieces together. I think LeBron said right before he made this decision “let me just get a ring just so I can say I’m great”. Lebron, you was and will be great, whether you won a ring or not. This was a complete cop out to say the least

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