Hip Hop Prospects:Jersey Demic

Let me start off by saying these Hip Hop Prospects are some talented folks none of these Artist I dislike and I have became a genuine fan of them all and no other blog or site supporting good music, and giving people there chance to show what they got and showing real musicians respect they earned. With that said now with July’s Artist Demic,

This Island born rapper/producer from Plainfield, NJ. Demic first began to produce in his parents garage on a pirated copy of Fruity Loops. His love for creating music led him to invest in some professional equipment at which time he saved enough money to purchase an MPC 2000xl. His fathers’ friend then gave him some used turntables so that he would be able to sample vynil records. At the time Demic’s style of music was influenced heavy by Rocafella Records, rapping on pitched-up vocal samples from classic songs of the past. Demic then learned music theory which allowed him to stop sampling and orchestrate his tracks from scratch.

Demic said he started rapping becuase he needed something to listen to, who knew good music can be sitting right in front on you. He even added he love Hip Hop of today, even the BS. and says there is a place for everything. He respect all aspects of life. There must be bad to have good. See this is what Hip Hop need smart rappers and I respect his opinion even thought ya’ll know how I feel but ya’ll read those blogs already and I digress. Demic mixtape entitled “I Miss The 90’s” where he freestyle on some classic beats from Queen Latifah to 2pac,I like it alot makes me reminisce of the good days of hip hop.

Make sure you keep an eye out for Demic as the rest of out prospect can’t got no where but up for these guys and make sure to go to http://www.urbanbackground.com for more Demic news and music as well as http://facebook.urbanbackground.com and follow him on twitter @urbanbackground and listen to his song “M.a.d.m.a.n” Money.All.Day.Money.All.Night here and I leave you with this inspiring video of his song “Pay” listen to it and in the words of Kenna Ivory Waynans “MESSAGE!”


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