Juvenile-Beast Mode(Album Review)

Stick to Exhibition mode..

New Orleans-based gangsta rapper Juvenile. After beginning his start performing career with Cash Money records and with the group Hot Boys(no hom0) and then separated and got back with then and they separated again and are rumored to do a reunion so only time will tell about that but Juvenile new album “Beast Mode” is he new installment to his catalog, is it Fresh or stale?

The album starts off with fire with “Go Hard or Go Home” and then “Drop That Azz” is a mediocre track nothing pops out for me on that tracks. The next track is “Bitch Instructions” were he degrades women and putting them in there place, it’s basically a homage to Ike Turner, just saying. “La La La La” yes that’s really the title, is about smoking weed and swagging that’s it, it’s catchy but lack substances. “I’m Da Man” is a forgettable track, “Nothing Like Me” maybe the best track and only track that delivers, Juvenile actually drop some rhymes on that. “No Team” sounds like a Hot Boys (no homo) diss but I don’t know and honestly I don’t care.

The rest of the tracks are just….. should I say it?…. nigga shit, a swag shit, fuck what they talking bout, chilling with my bitches, and stacking cake. When you got a album like that, it’s just another cliche rap album. No substance on the album and no positive vibes and some decent club bangers.  Coming off Reality Check, which is a way better album than this and had substance. I’m not saying you can’t party and shit but give us a little realness in the album. Like reality check, which what it was a reality check to the listener. This album gave me nothing and I got nothing from it beast mode, which in all realness is Hoodlum Mode, he been in the games for over 10 years strong and you still talking about the same shit in the words of Ed Lover, C,mon Son!

Overall, this is a set back for Juvenile, the album isn’t topping his last album, which is not a good thing when they seem to be complete opposites. This album just shows how black men priorities are jacked up, not to mention his cover looks like a rip-off of thank me later. I say this album is a pass becuase it gives me nothing and fits it to mainstream wackness and not stand out with creativity.

Recommended Tracks: Go Hard or Go Home, Nothing Like Me


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