To be or not to be: David Lee

Don’t expect these two in a double feature anytime soon. All Star Forward David Lee has been under radar of a lot of teams now that he’s made it clear he wants out of New York. It’s all over espn how Mr. Lee(David that is) has been meeting with the Timberwolves out of all teams this past week with hopes of signing a contract. It’s also been noted that the meetings have gone very well and Lee is interested. There’s one problem:

Warriors……come out to playyyyy

The Knicks can make the best of this situation since the Golden State Warriors are also interested. The Knicks have been offered Al Jefferson and Monta Ellis on two separate occasions as probable sign and trade deals to ride them of David. I really don’t expect David to agree to come back to NY this season now that Amare has committed to come here. It seems as Lee is through with the whole NY system and everything they falsify that they can offer. Now if I were NY GM I’d take the easy route and go get Monta Ellis with the quickness to get rid of wack Chris Fucking Duhon. Sergio Rodriguez will eventually shape up into a great backup PG coming off the bench so I wouldn’t worry about that.

Al Jefferson is coming off an injury, Jonny Flynn wants out of Minnesota fast; so why not go for Monta. The Knicks need a superstar Caliber guard. That’s something we’ve always had a problem with getting because we waste so much money on Centers and Forwards( I.E Eddy Curry). Monta Ellis is a whole new Knick team himself so why not reshape the NY system? He will fit well into D’Antoni’s plan as long as he plans to coach some fuckin defense for once. Hopefully The Knicks do the right thing and send Lee to the Warriors, let them worry about sending him to Minnesota for Al Jefferson. Big Al would be a bigger help to them than he is now to the Wolves.

It will be intriguing to see how this plays out this week since players can start signing contracts on Thursday. So we will keep you updated here at the Prolific Movement.

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