To be or not to be: David Lee

Don’t expect these two in a double feature anytime soon. All Star Forward David Lee has been under radar of a lot of teams now that he’s made it clear he wants out of New York. It’s all over espn how Mr. Lee(David that is) has been meeting with the Timberwolves out of all teams this past week with hopes of signing a contract. It’s also been noted that the meetings have gone very well and Lee is interested. There’s one problem:

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Prolific Movement Exclusive *Please Watch

We at the Prolific Movement love all of our viewers but, its time we all open our eyes. Whether your black, blue, brown, or yellow something has to change. As KD and myself preach in most of our blogs; Hip Hop is being controlled and there isn’t a higher being. There’s just a society of individuals that have influence over many things in daily life. This video is told by Professor Griff, ex Public Enemy member who was kicked out the group and had his house burned down for reasons explained in these videos. Prolific Movement daily viewer or not, please take at least a half hour of time out and strengthen your knowledge about the world we live in that’s so fucked up.

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