Big Boi-Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty (Album Review)

What about his right foot?…..

From splitting with former label Jive Records, to contractual issues that prevented Outkast partner Andre 3000 from making guest appearances on his new album, Big Boi has faced his share of obstacles leading up to the release of his solo debut. But after being signed to Def Jam Records by Antonio “L.A.” Reid recently, the album, “Sir Lucious Left Foot: Son of Chico Dusty,” is now released. So was it worth the wait?

The album intro “Feel Me” gives you a preview of the sound you get off the album a funky hip hop flavor. “Daddy Fat Stacks” the first official track is a banger. Big Boi swags out on the track, “I’m High on another planets while  you niggas just ride,” DAMN! You can even get to his level. “Turns Me On” Feat. Sleepy Brown got that Outkast vibe, so chill and dope track. “Follow Us” he goes in on the first verse and the second verse he just makes it official he’s underrated. “Shutterbug” hottest single out, know this. “General Patton” is fire! He puts on he’s war equipment for that, he kicking ass and taking names on that track. “You Ain’ No DJ” has a futuristic style beat and Big Boi kills that as well. The track with Jamie foxx “Hustle Blood” is a great rider track I love that track. “Be Still” is my favorite tracks and that says alot becuase each track on the album is clever, unique, and just dope.

Big Boi is holing down the Outkast legacy with this album. His music still stands out for the norm in hip hop and his lyricism as well. Standing next to 3 Stacks, anyone can get over looked, but it is obvious now. Outkast is the super group of the hip hop game. 1 thing I don’t like is  Gucci Mane on the album, but that’s the only negative thing I have  to say about this album. “Shine Blockas” is still a deep track saying the hater trying to stop his shine and great track , but Gucci just hurt it a little, I still like it, so that shows Big Boi can make me like a track with a wack rapper on it shows his talent. I love this album becuase it’s so raw from anything out this year. This album is one of those timeless album, meaning you can play this 4 years from now and it will still be relevant. “Train Pt2” another deep track I like, but where Train Pt1 at?

Overall, this is a great album. As much as I’m wanting that Outkast record, this is a great substitute for now and I’m enjoying it the more I listen to it. Anyone who thinks Big Boi is not nice, pick the record up ASAP, see he doesn’t say otherwise on this album. The style of the music is unique, meaning that it’s great music that stands out from any other album this year, meaning this can be compared or is up there with Nas and Damien Marley and Em’s record as the top albums of the year so far and it’s been some hot albums out this year so that says alot about the record. Hip Hop fans who listen to they same shit on the radio and TV get this cuz you want expect whats on the album and it delivers great music.

Recommended Tracks: General Patton, Be still, Follow Us, You Ain’t No DJ

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