What happened in Hip Hop that got Pac and Big shot?

It’s 2010, theres still no answers to both of these tragic shootings. I guess that’s life when your a rapper huh? No one cares. The government and so called legal system is against you; just patiently waiting for your self destruction. Theres only one problem, its no need to prolong self destruction if we’re killing our own people.Often we as people may over exaggerate things to a point where a solution is no longer possible. Welcome to the Biggie & Pac beef.

Not to get all R&B but, Usher had it right when he said its the simple things in life we forget. At the end of the day this is just a job, at the end of the day this is just music, and at the end of the day we all are human. In the 90’s that was a different story opposed to now. Hip Hop was so real back then; everyone started off showing love and embracing until eventually the media found a good scheme to make money. A scheme that turned Big and Pac against each other & got them murdered in the process. While stupid ass fans like us felt we were somewhere in the middle.

Both rappers were so talented to the point where on the outside looking in it was very hard to see how a conflict originally developed. For the most part everyone understands Pac felt Big set him up when he was shot five times in New York. Its unfortunate  this is one a situation where the shooter is the only one who knows the truth. Chances it was someone from Big’s camp or just a random dude? I call it 50/50. Thats just a question we will never get the answer to. 

I don’t care what no one says, I feel like Diddy sold biggie out and got him killed. It’s no way I would have allowed Big to travel to LA at that time frame in hip hop. Just because Pac was gone that didn’t mean anything. I also believe that Suge sold Pac out because he feared Pac would leave him like Dre did. Just maybe the random dude that shot Pac was hired by Suge.

Its amazing how Shakur sold his soul to get out of prison, yet managed to spread a positive message on his way out of this world. The same with Biggie after Pac was assasinated, it seemed as if he took life more serious and began to open his eyes knowing he was next.

So you know the history, the rise to the fame, and the fall. So can someone tell me really what happened in hip hop? Why Big and Pac? Why not Cannibus and LL Cool J?

For the record: I dont believe shit that happened in the Notorious movie.


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