Tyler Perry Vs Aaron McGruder

If you hip on the Boondock then you seen the “Pause” episode where they poke fun at Tyler Perry, well he put a law suit out to stop ‘Boondocks’ creator Aaron McGruder from airing an episode about imitating him .Thats not even the shocking part, He fire his whole staff for it ha, was it truth in that episode?

The recent drama all centered around the episode in which McGruder features a Tyler Perry-like character who appears to be openly gay. The character also sexually harasses his male employees and exploits black women and the church with the films he makes. Perry’s decision to file injunctions to stop the episode from airing only makes people want to watch it even more.

The Jerome character (based on Perry) wears a pink sweater, is surrounded by bare-chested muscular men and constantly proclaims his love for Jesus even as he attempts to seduce Granddad, the guardian of the two boys, Huey and Riley Freeman, at the center of the series. The fame-hungry Granddad is trying out for a part in Jerome’s new play, “Ma Duke Finds Herself a Man.”

I’m not going to lie I’m not a big fan of Tyler Perry movies, I like two of his plays but overall they like the same shit, just different characters and McGruder got it right on the mark on the Boondocks. I’m not saying the gay part is right but the portray of his movies and plays are. It seem to be accurate to Perry as well or he wouldn’t have his panties in a bunch. If you seen the episode comments your thoughts, I thought it was pure evil genius.

It seems like everyone is siding with Perry which is not surprising, everyone in love with Perry, which McGruder has beef with BET and a few others but yet he satires the real black community, he’s showing us how ridiculous our  people can be.

Keep it 100 Perrys movies always on some n*ggatry shit, they have the crackhead in the family, Black women married to a womanizer,Then some pretty boy try to take her from him and she turn him down, and Madea somehow is related to everyone in all his movies and through all that, he takes us to chruch, tell me I didn’t describe all his movies?

His movies sale for one reason, because it’s an all black cast(which we never really see in Hollywood beside drug/gangster movies) The plots of them movies are trash, but that’s my opinion and it’s easy to keep up with the plot, not complicated at all, they all the same damn plot. I’m not hating on Perry, just may opinion on his movies. He making money, so I won’t stop him but he gets sensitive when ppl like McGruder and Spike criticize his movies then he must believe there is truth into it.


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