Tyler Perry Vs Aaron McGruder

If you hip on the Boondock then you seen the “Pause” episode where they poke fun at Tyler Perry, well he put a law suit out to stop ‘Boondocks’ creator Aaron McGruder from airing an episode about imitating him .Thats not even the shocking part, He fire his whole staff for it ha, was it truth in that episode?

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What happened in Hip Hop that got Pac and Big shot?

It’s 2010, theres still no answers to both of these tragic shootings. I guess that’s life when your a rapper huh? No one cares. The government and so called legal system is against you; just patiently waiting for your self destruction. Theres only one problem, its no need to prolong self destruction if we’re killing our own people.

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The Truth About Love

My first official blog outside music, let’s see how this goes… first what is love? Think about it……got your answer…..good, whatever your answer is, throw it out the window, now stop thinking with your heart and emotions and think with your brain, what is love? What I just did in one sentence is explain what love truly is, let me explain it in a more elaborate way.

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