In less than 24 hours the face of the NBA will change for another decade

Free Agency will be here in less than 24 hours. I expect some well expected transactions to come to light; also some plans will fall apart for some hopeful owners. Please read below

Free agency this year is expected to heat up like no other considering the powerhouse talent up for grabs. Let me start off by saying: Dwayne wade is staying in Miami

With that being said, lets begin.

Lebron James is not going back to Cleveland no matter how much they do within the next 48 hours or 48 weeks. He realizes that time is running out for him if he wants to be considered a true elite player. I do not understand how people can dead sit there and debate him against Kobe, knowing that Lebron has not won a finals game yet. I don’t want to hear how he can’t do it by himself; he can. That’s just the bullshit media creates. Anyway Lebron will skip Miami for one key reason; he wants to be the star where he is. he;s smart enough to recognize that Wade runs Miami and there’s going to be limits to what he can do. Which is why he will go to Chicago and dethrone Derrick Rose of his star spot.

This may be a surprise for some but, I’m calling it now. Washington is trying to get rid of Derrick Rose and the trading of Yi by the Nets today just proved they are fucking stupid. However, John Wall’s addition to the Wiz will be in vain if they keep Gilbert because he is a negative influence and may feel as if he has a lot to prove this upcoming season. Now if they move him to the Nets it makes a lot of sense. the owner is willing to spend money to win. maybe if they could convince a sign and trade they may be able to get two players out of this. Avery Johnson can make great use for Gilbert at the 2 spot; especially in a eastern conference where competition at the 2 is apparently weak.

Dirk is staying in Dallas. This stunt he is pulling is just to test the waters. Though, if he happens to leave I expect him to go to Miami or New Jersey. If he takes the Miami route I believe Joe Johnson will sign to the heat also and run the 1. Which will leave Lebron to the bulls by himself, tempting Amare to join him.

CB4 is most definitely gone from the Raps. He will join Miami because he seems more interested in playing with wade than anyone else. I don’t get the idea that he wants to play for a championship contender just yet. I just seem that he wants to win. something that was not going to happen in Toronto no matter how many games Drake showed up to.

Broadway Joe is slated to join the Bulls for the simple fact that he will fit perfectly in the system. This will take pressure off of Rose when in clutch situations because he will no longer be the only shooter on the floor. I just hope Joe doesn’t shoot himself in and out of Chicago like Mo Williams did in Milwaukee.

Finally, Amare Stoudemire really has no choice but to leave the Suns. Robin Lopez is on the rise and constantly shows him up in regards to defensive effort. The Knicks are the only team he can be a good fit with because he’s familiar with D’Antoni’s system. Even with that being said its not going to be enough to earn a playoff run. Amare isn’t enough. Just a great player with lacks on the defensive end like Carmelo.

Its still unclear as to what players like Ray Allen and Carlos Boozer will land. We will just have to watch this unfold.

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