You know you played yourself when…

Alright so unfortunately I’m grieving about how I couldn’t get my iphone today. Yet, I’m somewhat cheerful that I get to keep my 9700 for an extra two weeks because the camera on this shit is fuckin epic. So we have here exhibit A, a victim of relationship ending or a self centered revengeful ex. How do I figure this? Well that’s simple. There’s no way in hell a white man with a suit on drives a coke white Benz to work with 3 manufactures rims and a hub cap! No fucking way in hell.

Its safe to say ol whitey got into it with his spouse or an ex and they did son dirty while he was sleep. 70% chances show that his spouse just may be from Brooklyn but, I digress on that thought. Think about It; you come home after another long day of work and she’s stresssin you over some little shit like going to the cleaners or bringing her some ice cream. So you finally get tired this one day and you smack that bitch Nino Brown style……..alright you don’t smack her but, you let her know that you not gonna take this shit anymore.

Then she gives you that “Oh yeah nigga, we gone see about that” look. Shit, god forbid if she put money into that Benz cause you know how women get once shit go sour. Everything is theirs and shit we’ve all been through this before. The controlling possessive side of females after something doesn’t go their way. Relationships can’t be based on two different languages. That’s how niggas and bitches end up in relationshits.

So I’m quite sure that he took whoever the woman was for granted and she definitely got his ass. Serves him right for slipping. Hey, at least we can assume that he wasn’t cheating. If that was the case then I would’ve uploaded the pic of a brick in his windshield.

Long story short, you know you fucked up when you get that “oh yeah nigga, we gone see about that” look.


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