The art of being old and young at the same damn time

What in the hell is going on with the world we live in? 

Bad enough the whole 6x white tee fad was introduced by Dem Franchise Boys in 2004, now its 2010 and this shit is still going on in NY. I understand that as you get older your going to go through moments whereas the fountain of youth needs to be reconnected within you. However, this is some fuckin bullshit. Dude gotta be like atleast 37, bad enough his chick look like a dusty from the shelter. My point is no matter how young you wish to be, this is one of the things you shouldn’t do to prove you still got a swag. His shorts are so low that he was better off wearing pants.

His T-shirt itself could fit 3 mexicans.

I’m 19 and I dont dress like that! Shit, I’d proly get a ticket if I did anyway.  Now had this been 2004, this man would have been the smoothest dude out here. I guarentee that. More funny pics coming in the next blogs. Stay posted

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