Modern day relationships:Trust or Bust?

As the time passes, it seems harder to find a significant other no matter how young or old you are. Especially with the fact that music can be a main influence on a person’s state of mind. We see it all the time; in every break up:

“Oh, she’s too insecure. Always accusing me of cheating.”

“He doesn’t treat me the way he should.”

“He puts his friends before me.”

“She’s only feeling me so much because I have money. Therefore I cheated.”

The message’s relayed through music airways slowly start off as just a song that we like. Then we end up singing the words at work or in class. Next thing you know we’re in situations related to the specific song. To further explain my reasoning let’s look at this prime example:

Kanye West- See you in my nightmares

Watch closely and listen to how Kanye Channels his music to depict the relationship with his ex; the woman that left him after his mother passed away due to plastic surgery complications. Even I am so influenced by this song that I listen to it whenever I’m upset with an ex. I mean the song is so pure and revengeful that you can’t help but upset some while listening.

I got my life and its my only one
I got the night, I’m running from the sun
So goodnight, I made it out the door X 4
After tonight, there will be no return
After tonight, I’m taking off on the road
I’m taking off on the road

And that you know
Tell every one that you know
That I don’t love you no more
And that’s one thing that you know
That you know…

Okay I’m back up on my grind
You do you and I’m just gone do mine
You do you, cause I’m just gone be fine
Okay I got you out my mind
The night is young, the drinks is cold
The stars is out, I’m ready to go
You always thought I was always wrong
Well now you know…
Tell everybody everybody that you know!!
Tell everybody that you know
That I don’t love you no more
And that’s one thing that you know
That you know

Kanye preaches the fact that he’s leaving for good and not coming back. He’s finally over it & doesn’t care if the world knows. See the secret is not getting so drowned into it that you can realize whats going on and the relation with a clear mind. Here’s another example

Lil’ Wayne– I’m Single

Perfect song for this blog post being that most of the general population isn’t in a committed relationship. Lil’ Wayne’s I’m single defines that situation whereas your with someone but, the circumstances that occur forces you to develop a mindset that you have to do what’s best for you in order to enjoy yourself.

With all this great talent and wordplay it’s sad that people listen and misinterpret these situations to lead out failures within they’re personal lives. Think about it. Its deeper than rap. Way before the Rick Ross album. This has been another Prolific Movement Blog. Stay productive and spread the word. If we can be above the influence on drugs, we can follow the same motives with music.


2 thoughts on “Modern day relationships:Trust or Bust?

  1. I love the relationship blogs but there is so many blog it’s hell trying to find all of them, can you make it easier to find certain topic on your blog also, I subscribed!!! 🙂

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