Wackest Rappers In the Game

It took me a while, but I said I was going to do it and well here it is. I got the Dopest MCs list coming in a week, so I thought I should release the wack Mc’s first and yes some of your favorite rappers made this list. But I’m not clowning for nothing,you can say I’m a hater becuase I am a hater…… of wack music, plus I have a legitimate case for all emcees and here is the list.

10. Tie Between Lil Jon and OJ Da Juiceman

Dope hype man, wack rapper “Snap yo fangars, do ya step, and you can it all by yo self”  what is this? the ghetto hokey pokey and that’s just a hook. Lil Jon beats are fire but when he drops bars, it’s just awful. “To the windows, to the walls, till the sweat drop down my balls,”  what does one have to do with the other? Stick to producing and saying Yeah! and What! cuz when it comes to rhyming you are  garbage.


Not only did he swagger jack Ja Rule catering to the ladies on all his singles, his flow so retarded I don’t no where to start. Shawty was a hot single but listen to his flow on that track it’s awful, he keep his shirt off to keep the chicks off his lame ass flow and the hook has nothing to do with what plies talking about epic fail on this dude. He say he the definition of real,ha!  he’s the definition wack! and pull your damn pants up, grown ass man pants on the ground look like a fool with your pants on the ground!


My Hometown gone hate me for this one but hey, I cannot tell a lie, Chingy sucks “Gimmie what you got for a pork chop,” what the hell does that means. the song with Jason weaver was hot because of Jason Weaver shout out to J Weav dude nice but Chingy…….naw, all he raps about is being p***y whipped and holling at a shorty in the club. Get some variety in your life son!

7. B.Hamp

The dude responsible for the “Ricky bobby” dance. Not only did the dance has nothing to do with Ricky Bobby but made no sense, just a get rich quick thing . No other comments needed on this, just pure trash nuff said.

6.Gucci Mane

“My Chain is off the Chain,” I rest my case with this one, not only do he say dum shit like that but to add he always rhyming Gucci with Louie always, every time he  says Gucci in a song he rhyme it with louie step you damn rhyme game up! Not only that but all he rap about is his jewelery and coke. He said his his jewelery so sparkly it look likes it moving, what else need to be said, really?


Come on now, you know how I feel about this chick, no explanation needed buy the Amazin’ album. She can still get it though, wait I seen those leaked pictures, eww I’ll pass, she gotta rash and shit, I’m good.

4.Wacka Flocka Flame

Did you hear what he said about lyrical rappers? only a wack ass nigga would say some shit like that, plus he sucks. Druge dealers WE OFF THAT! crack is wack and reefer sucks!

3. Souja Boy

The lamest flow I’ve heard period, sound likes he’s reading at a 3rd grade level when he raps. He raps so slow and say some of the dumbest shit a person can say “Yaww Trick!” and “Superman that Ho,” are just a few. I rap better than this nigga, Flava Flav rap better than this nigga. How he got signed is still a mystery to me with no qualities of a dope rapper but all the qualities of a wack one.

2. Birdman

Birdman is an opportunist, he is the wack rapper model, dumb ass tats, kissing men, you know wack shit and to make it worst he uses Lil Wanye and Drake to sell his CD Lil Wayne on almost every single single this dude produces to take away from his wackness to balance it out, he don’t even rhyme his words. I know people who talk better this this dude rap, can’t you afford a ghost writer?

1. Lil B aka Base God

look who’s pops the list, The Base God with a song called “Look Like Jesus” you better bring your A game and he brought F’s. Lil B the Detroit lions of raps, Lil B the Nets of rap no he’s the wackest team in the WNBA.  Anyone who like this dude, kill yourself and go straight to hell. This dude sucks bad at everything, flow, lyrics, he’s awful, I have yet to sit through a whole song. Why is he rapping for real, that’s how bad this dude is, I almost stop listening to rap music because of this guy, he even calls his self a pretty bitch, wow really? He is the wackest of all-time, no one is topping this guy, Vanilla Ice and MC hammer killing this dude, K-Fed single better than all this dude shit. I actually thought I got dumb listening to this guy. I swear on my life if he gets big and sale I’m done with rap music and you can quote me on that!


11 thoughts on “Wackest Rappers In the Game

  1. man you aint in the game til you make a thousand songs and you dying for this rap cause its the only thing you love..BIRTH OF RAP


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