Xbox 360 Slim is here! (Updated)

Update: Microsoft just confirmed at the end of their E3 presentation that this new model isn’t a rumor. The new xbox 360 is in fact slimmer and will cost the same $299 as the regular models. Microsoft gave E3 audience members one of these as a going away gift. Managing to steal the show today at the press conference. Built in wifi on the fastest internet connection to date on systems; Microsoft has put a red dot on it’s competitors. I myself will be buying one of these babies next Friday. I’ll also be picking up one of those Kinects come November 4th. After the dance presentation with the new product and the integration of ESPN on the 360 I’m sold on it. Now to await what Sony has in store.

If I had to pick one rumor that actually made enough sense to possibly be true, it would be this one. Apparently there has been a second internet leak of a slimline Xbox 360 following the debut of the “Kinect”. The slimline 360 is rumored to have ventilation holes on the sides of the system but, the question is just how slim is it? It will also have a 250gb HD and be wifi compatible. All the more reason for this rumor to seem true. Xbox has been behind Sony since the release of the slim, Xbox also has been behind Sony as far as customization. Microsoft needs something big so if this leak is true then their on a good path. They also need a system that doesn’t break down every other year.  I don’t think you can compete with a system that has a built in internet browser and blue ray player…….not to forget that the latest sony games are being developed in 3D graphics. So it seems that either way Microsoft is going to be on the downside of whatever happens at E3 but, its competition like this that makes us happy to be consumers.

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