Microsoft New Motion Controller Titled ‘Kinect’

Tonight at a Microsoft event the company announced that the official name of their new motion-sensing controller for Xbox 360 is “Kinect” yes you heard it right the lamest title in gaming beside the Wii, if it’s anything like the title says, Microsoft is in trouble.

The  games that will accompany Kinect that allows gamers to use their body as a controller. These games include:

A Yoga/Tai Chi Game (official name to be announced)
A Soccer Game (official name to be announced)
A racing game where players can steer using their hands.
Kinect Sports
Boxing, bowling, beach volleyball, track and field, soccer and table tennis.
Play with 20 different kitties like a lion, cheetah and tiger.
Kinect Adventures
River rafting with multiple players that move their bodies in the raft.
Dance Central
A So You Think You Can Dance game made by MTV games.

Sound to me like some Wii bitters but hey, they trying to hang with Nintendo, can’t really blame them for all the money they banking in, swagger jacking is in now any way.

Kinect also works with the dashboard  showing motion controls used to interact with Netflix. The dot on the screen follow where you point.

Users can also use Kinect to scroll through pics, video chats, and other unnecessary shit. will it live up to the hype, real question is does it have a hype?


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