Eminem-Recovery(Album Review)

Hip Hop is Recovered……..

11 time grammy winning, multi-platinum rapper, record producer, actor, and The Artist of the Decade (2000-2010). Eminem quickly gained popularity in the underground with his album Infinite (Officially released in 1996). In 1999, his major-label debut album The Slim Shady LP, which won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. Now he’s as big as Jay-Z and Nas maybe even bigger. With his second album in two years dose it marks as another Eminem classic or just a rushed album?

The album starts off right with “Cold Wind Blows” Em goes in on that tracks but “Talking 2 Myself” is that track that Em connect to the listener on and the first song I can say I connected to Em on ever, a very touching song and made me change my opinion on Eminem in general just by that song alone. He even give shouts outs to Yeezy, Weezy and Tip telling them don’t let the negativity bring them down and keep going for yours, yeah Em saying this, I can’t believe it myself. “One Fire” is what the title says on FIRE! Em still has the craziest lines I’ve heard and I love it! “Won’t Back Down” Feat. P!nk has a rock swag to it and the chemistry shockingly works well. “Going Through Changes” is chill track “No Love” Feat. Lil Wayne and Wayne gets Killed and Em is looking like the Best Rapper Alive!

Em takes me to places I thought he could never take me on this album “Space Bound” is a amazing track. My Favorite track is “Cinderella Man” Em bring his A+ game on that joint bananas! This album just reminds me why Em is one of the best rappers that ever did it. “25 to Life” also my favorite tracks. This album is crazy,”You’re Never Over” is crazy, man this album is crazy, I pre ordered this album while I was reviewing the leaked album. I got to buy this, this shit here nigga, this shit here, best album I heard this year! Nothing negative to say about this beside it was leak and may hurt it’s sale a little and to the leakers, QUIT LEAKING SHIT!

Overall it’s greatness, Eminem is hand downs worked hard on this album and gave us everything he could and you can’t get mad at that. He gave me something I wasn’t expecting which is why I’m loosing my mind listing to the album. Only thing I hate is who comes after this album is released, who can top it Ye and Lupe better bring it! on their albums. He also keeps taking shots at he last album. I never heard “Relaspe” so I’m guessing it was bad. Go buy this as soon as it comes out this is what your hard earn money should got to albums likes this! This album is Prolific Movement’s  first 5 out of 5 review and I must say this album is a instant classic, must buy!

Recommend Tracks: The WHOLE ALBUM

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