Top 5 Mixtapes of 2010… far

5: Kush and OJ -Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Came back pretty hard with this one after his most recent flight skool mixtape. Kush and OJ is mainly aimed for the listeners that smoke but, gives a pretty good life lesson on how dudes should be chasing money and not sex. Coming from a Pittspurg rapper I was really surprised by his change of flow compared to before, so I definitely had to show him some love on the blog. He’d be up higher but, I’m afraid that songs like “Up” and “The Kid Frankie” just aren’t enough to hold us down for the summer.

4:Fuck A Mixtape – T.I

T.I.P came back string on this one but, I felt that it still lacked that killer instinct. This mixtape proves that he’s still laxed from having things on lock before he went to jail. I would have left this at #5, however T.I.P has a bigger buzz so i’d expect more people to choose this mixtape over Kush and OJ. I don’t have a favorite song from this mixtape sadly. The most I can say is; T.I you can do way better than this coming out of jail. Just because Drama hosted it doesn’t mean it was gonna cover for the weak lyrics. When it comes to “Fuck A Mixtape” I rather listen to the instrumentals. #Imjustsayin

3: The Albert Anistasia EP- Rick Ross

This is where things became pretty hard to choose. A lot of people are gonna be mad at me but, oh well. Rick Ross came back with this mixtape way stronger than T.I. Then again, lyrically Rick Ross is one of the superiors in the game till this date. Whether or not the guy was really a correctional officer shouldn’t take away from his music. I’m not making any excuses but, who said you can’t be a correctional officer and still move coke? Anyway I’m definitely feeling this mixtape; wordplay goes hand and hand with the beats. “MC Hammer” has to be my favorite track on this joint. Possibly my top  favorite for the summer but, I’m sure Ross will drop more fire sometime soon to change that.

2: There Is No Competition 2- Fabolous

Fab dropped this mixtape before any of the others and still gets a bigger buzz till this date. TINC 2 is everything you look for in a mixtape; dope lyrics, great guest appearances, and well worth the hype. However, this isn’t everything I look for in Fab. Damn near every freestyle on the mixtape is fire don’t get me wrong but, Its time for fab to do something different. We know he’s capable of sick metaphors and hard punches on the cuts. I just don’t want to hear about gucci this, gucci that, bad bitch this, blah blah blah. Fabolous is a extremely talented rapper; he should be rapping about something else by now because this talk died out after he released “From nothing to something”. The game is looking weak now & Fab could be doing way better considering that Drake is slurping every bit of Kanye’s swag. Go harder fab for the game’s sake; I give it 4 1/2 stars.

Drum Roll please*

The #1 Mixtape to date is……

Trap Or Die 2- Young Jeezy

Let me tell you bout the time, when I had that money on my mind. When I was really out there on my grind, let me tell you bout the time Jeezy most definately had his mind at 100 when he began recording this mixtape. As expected, Young delivers on all platforms of this mixtape. I’m feelin the track with the Clipse, I’m feelin “Lose My Mind” with Plies. This is one Mixtape that I can bump from introduction to finish. Whether or not you like hearing a whole bunch of drug music; you have to bump this because its Jeezy. He pulls you into it and gives you an image of his music. I give it 5 stars. If you haven’t listened to this mixtape yet please go download it now.

Notable Mixtapes possible for #4 spot- Boss of all Bosses 2.5 – Cam’ron / Fetti Holmes Pt.2- DJ Scoob Doo

The top 5 mixtapes of 2011 have been decided, you can find them here.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Mixtapes of 2010… far

    1. Based on the time span of this blog there were only 5 mixtapes out. I can’t give a biased opinion knowing that many of our viewers probably liked the mixtape. Did you bother checking the date this blog was published?

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