E3 2010 Rumors

Just a day away for gaming’s biggest expo and the rumors are blowing up like crazy on the net,the big show is nearly here. The festivities kicks off  tomorrow night at Microsoft’s Project Natal press conference,  and there are tons of E3 rumored announcements. Some got me hyped and some got me thinking, how is that going to work but none than less here are some of the biggest rumors going around the net!

Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Metal Gear Solid Rising is the new direction in the franchise and debuted last years E3, speculations is that we may see some gameplay footage or even a full trailer. We have no info on this game what so ever but I hope to see some soon, hopefully at E3 .

Saints Row 3

THQ has already confirmed Volition is working on Saints Row 3, with Grand Theft Auto V still unannounced, however, there’s room for an open world gangster.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 2

It’s about time for Rockstar Games to start talking about the next Grand Theft Auto release but sad to say Rockstar isn’t showing much at E3, but who knows maybe they’ll make a surprise appearance.

Slim 360

There’s less rumor and more expectation here. With Project Natal branded as a mid-cycle reboot for Xbox 360, it makes sense for Microsoft to follow through on a re-design of the actual hardware.

Sony has trouble keeping a lid on secrets and PSN+, reported to be a subscription-based new addition to PlayStation Network. What exactly PSN+ will add to PSN isn’t known, but it seems unlikely Sony would be willing to take a public lashing by removing its free online multiplayer.

The Legend of Zelda

Not really a fan on the series but can’t deny it’s popularity and it’s all but assured that a new entry in The Legend of Zelda will appear at E3 2010, but it’s hard to tell what Nintendo will do, so it’s worth putting this in the 99% likely column. What to expect from the next Zelda, however, is unknown. Nintendo’s design staff has promised some serious changes with the next installment, reportedly to appeal to a larger audience. We do know the game will take advantage of the MotionPlus accessory, opening up some interesting new weapon possibilities.

Resident Evil 6

With the last one being a bomb and mainly a beta test of next gen capabilities, I think campcom need to redeem themselves and produce a better RE could this be the time to reveal the next installment?

Shenmue 3

This game always has a rumor but nothing is ever fact about it, but it’s hard to believe a great franchise would end without ending the story, so their will always be hope forever, as long as their is gaming their will be rumors about a Shenmue 3 or if they actually produce one fingers cross.

The Last Guardian

Sony and Team ICO have been quiet about this title, showing the game (officially) for the first time at E3 last year before returning to darkness. Sony may save our first glimpse at The Last Guardian‘s gameplay for Tokyo Game Show, a new trailer to make us tear up wouldn’t be crazy.

Street Fighter Vs Tekken

A reliable source has indicated that Namco and Capcom are working together on a Tekken Vs Street Fighter game. Even better: It could be announced as soon as E3. This isn’t the first time that Namco and Capcom have collaborated. In the past, they worked on Namco vs Capcon , which was an action RPG game released on the PS.

Mass Effect 3 on PS3

Mass Effect 3 on PS3, it’s not the craziest news possible, because even though ME is an iconic Xbox 360 exclusive it is not developed by a 2nd-party developer to Microsoft. It’s Bioware, which has released numerous cross-platform titles. So  devotees, keep this one in the “we can dream” files for now. Bigger E3 surprises have happened, though. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility entirely.

Now we wait to see whats Fact and Fiction, stay tuned on the site for E3 updates and news!

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