Travie McCoy-Lazarus (Album Review)

We Are Heroes………

Travis McCoy is a rapper, singer, multi-instrumentalist and lead singer of the talented alternative hip hop/rock  group Gym Class Heroes. Signed to T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Entertainment,  his solo debut album, “Lazarus” , the lead single from the album, Billionaire featuring Bruno Mars, has so far reached #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 but is the album hot?

The album starts off with “Dr. Feel Good a decent start to an album, nothing special but the next tracks “Superbad” picks up the pace a bit and is a cool track, not hot but getting warmer, “Billionaire” with Bruno Mars is my shit and a Hot track, who doesn’t wish to be rich and famous? “Need You” is a hot track as well as “Critical” my favorite track is “Akidagian” it’s a rock sample version of the classic “Back In The Day” can it works nicely and Travie drop some nice rhymes on the tracks as well about the good ole days. “Well Be Alright” is a great party record I dig, which Travie is singing, which he’s does with auto tune and it’s not annoying, becuase he’s has a different style that it works and doesn’t seem as trendy as a T-Pain, speaking of which, he is makes an appearances on the album on “The Manual” which Travie kills but T-Pain ruins the song for me, I’m tired of hearing him period.

“Don’t Pretend” ends the album off with great grace. Let me note that this is more Rock than Rap and is does it well surprisingly. The album sounds like Gym Class Heroes just different title or without the band, He could have stayed with the band and made this album and it would still be good. Travie McCoy is one of the few Artist to fuse Rock and Rap together to the point you can tell if it’s Rap or Rock, cuz it’s blends well. It’s only 10 tracks and disappointing as that is it leaves a bittersweet feeling because the album could have gave me a little more to feed off of but sadly it doesn’t.

Overall, it’s a solid record, nothing special, just a good listen. Gym Class is more my speed but this will due till the next album. I was hoping he would rap more going solo, he’s nice with the bars but he doesn’t,but balances well it’s only 10 tracks so not much to do there from jump.The albums starts off slow but picks up and stays up to the end. Gym Class fans it may be a buy but their material is better than this album and alternative rap and rock fans this is a pick up.


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