The iPhone 4G is here, Pre-orders anyone??

Finally the speculation can end. Steve Jobs can move on and focus on Apple without flaming the shit out of Adobe or Microsoft. No Apple factory workers have to commit suicide, the FEDs don’t have to ransack no one else’s houses for iPhone prototypes, and no Apple workers have to be fired. Finally….the speculation is over. Its been a roller coaster ride indeed but, on the bright side my information was correct. At&t changed the upgrade date again and the iPhone will be out in two weeks. Pre orders start June 15th, the phone will officially be released on the 24th. Before I get into the specs i’d like to go through a brief rundown of what happened yesterday at the developers conference.

  1. Iphone 4G gets announced for June 24th….However no 4G network in NY and San Fran
  2. Safari 5 gets released for Mac
  3. Iphone os 4 GM seed(official 4.0) and Itunes 9.2 beta  gets released to the public
  4. iWork rumored to come to iphone
  5. ichat confirmed for iphone 4G
  6. If you had an upgrade date before 2010 Apple and att will waive it and it becomes immediately active

Now on to the specs

Iphone 4G specs

– Uses the Apple a4 chip; running on iOS4(Faster processor and better battery life)
– Strong glass coating on both the front and back! Steel rimmed edges
– The metal band around the steel rim acts as part of the antenna, giving much stronger signal
– Highest definition screen on any mobile device: 960×640 display.
– 24% thinner than the iPhone 3GS, thinnest smart phone in the world
– Camera at the front for video calling, and the camera at the back is now 5MP and has an LED Flash
– Records HD video at 720p 30 fps
– iMovie editor is now built-in on the iPhone
– 40% Longer battery life than the iPhone 3GS
-The iPhone 4 has a built in gyroscope to detect the 3D orientation of the device

What are your thoughts on the new iPhone? Are you getting it? Will you be switching cell providers to get it for the upgrade fee? I know one thing, I’ll be up June 14th at 11:50pm on At& waiting for the phone to show up on the site at 12am on the 15th. Pre order is a must. And I’m taking off for the release date still. This is lovely.

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