The Gay Rapper……… (No Homo)

I was reading this article on Global Grind (shoutout) about my man Wale canceling a concert at a gay pride festival and everyone saying he’s a homophobic, I respect Wale a lot and now he’s doing it to prove his not a homophobic but I’m about to get real so don’t take offense my gay audience but, doing that concert can hurt his image.  I agree that he should have canceled but that don’t mean it’s right, it’s just a hip hop thing.

Let me break in down, I was watching The Boondocks DVD set. I watched “The Story Of Gangstalicous” voice by the talented Mos Def, a great episode, my favorite Boondocks episode and sooo real. everything in that episode has truth to it, how G-licous was a phony and not a real gangster and the whole nine, how Riley was so brainwashed by his love for his music he couldn’t see the truth Huey was telling him., who can really believe their favorite rapper is gay, music is influential, if you really inspired by someone and they come out the closet, your first thought is; do that make me gay or shit, least I ain’t gay, one or the other. In hip hop today, I believe their is at least three gay rappers in the game don’t know who, but I assume, we got every type of rapper but gay and I think we know why.

Just picture if Gangstalicous was a real rapper, his fans would be in denial, will tear his ass to shreds and his rap career, OVER! I mean like he never existed, forget it happen cuz gay in hip hop is GAY and we can’t have that now can we? Hip Hop is “too hard” for a Gangtalicous it’s all about bitches and hoes, all these thugs “killers” and “Drug Dealers”  right?………..WRONG! half of these clown softer than G-licous, Plies running in bathrooms, Wayne got tears drops and ain’t killed shit speaking of which…..

Look how uncomfortable them dudes are. I’m not  saying they gay, but the hip hop world was going crazy after this leaked. I know people who stop messing with Lil Wayne music after this and his brainwashed fans was in denial saying thats the mafia shit or some other BS but, no one funk it that they could be gay Birdman could be Wayne’s lover. They got tats of each other and shit, Weezy…. F*CKING….. Baby, just saying. Kanye West is the biggest gay dispute off them all (how over two niggas kissing I will never know) and he even explain it on MTV when he first came out( not the closet) He said that he has feminine traits becuase he was raised by a women, and if your raised by a women chances are you gonna act like a women or have female traits but that doesn’t mean he is gay and if he is….so I’ll still buy his shit.  Asher Roth was also accuse of being gay and he said one of the most intelligent thing ever,

“Someone’s sexual orientation should NEVER be big news, as it delivers a troubling message to children that they can’t be themselves without fear of judgment. Race, creed, and sexual persuasion should not just be tolerated but understood and accepted. It’s extremely disappointing that this topic would be used with the intention of being hurtful. We are near 2010….2010!!”

Smart words from a smart man. Rap isn’t about sexual preferences but what’s all you hear “No homo” and ignorant shit like that. What if white people would say “No Nigga, but get me some chicken,” Al Sharpton will be on speed dial. The only thing below female rappers is gay rappers sad to say but true becuase, not only dose rap degrade the bitches but hates the gays. I mean there is a zero tolerance for gays in hip hop, 1 your gay 2 if someone work with you, then they accused of being gay and three, no straight dude gonna bump a gay rapper track sorry it’s not going to happen. The black community is the most homophobic of them all and hip hop it’s even higher, if Kanye is gay he is good cuz he got a pop-thing going and hella gay fans already so he’s good but that’s it, he’s on superstar status same with Wayne, which is why they let that kiss slide.

I feel that hip hop needs a reality check and that hip hop isn’t one form of a type of person, and think man hood pride over equality. So what people are gay in this world who can rap let them, but they won’t last a week in the game, it’s that homophobic. Just cuz he gay don’t mean he’s gonna be rapping about gay shit. I already lost respect with hip hop but that’s other blog, but this topic here is one for homophobia,out of  all the shit and censoredship hip hip hop been thorough it should welcome everyone,but it doesn’t and make it hard for guys like Wale to accept gays when they may not get accepted anymore becuase they support gay rights or anything similar. You don’t have to be gay to want gay rights, but you do have to be an ass to not want equality for EVERYONE.  Would you accept a gay rapper? Think about that and get back at me, this is The Prolific Movement blog and don’t forget to subscribe deuces….

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