Drake-Thank Me Later (Album Review)

Your Welcome Sooner……..

Former child star Drake is now a Grammy award nominated Canadian actor, rapper and singer signed to Young Money/Universal Motown. So far in his much hyped music career he has released three mixtapes, 2006’s Room for Improvement, 2007’s Comeback Season and 2009’s critically acclaimed So Far Gone, which is considered one of the best mixtapes of 2009. He has just released his major label debut, Thank Me Later, One of the most highly anticipated debuts in years; does it live up to the hype?

The album starts off very strong with “Fireworks” feat. Alicia Keys, which is a artistic song about searching for something special when it was right there in front of you, easily my favorite song from the album, which sounds like a shout out to Rhianna in that song as well. “The Resistance” has one of my favorite lines in it “The game need life, I put my heart in it,” it’ a mellow tracks as most tracks on the album are. “Show me a good time” is a hot track,another great line to the haters, “Call me overrated or creative or too jaded, cuz anyway you put it bitch I made it yupp!” there is points in the album I feel Drake went a little lazy with the metaphors and lyrics like in this song. Like he looks for something to rhyme, more than a witty line as he’s known for like in ‘Over” where he says, “I’m bout to set if off Jada Pinkett” he could have came up with something more clever than that.

Nicki Minaj make an appearance on “Up All Night” she didn’t suck entirely so I’ll give her that where Drake swagged all on it. One of my favorite tracks is “Unforgettable” because of Jeezy, Drake’s verse was cool but what I want on that track the classic Drake, sadly I don’t really get the classic “Room For Improvement” Drake. Now, if you on a track with Nas or Jay, it’s a must to bring your A game and Drake got smashed on “Light Up”  by Jay Z, he should have just let Jay go in on that by himself. “Miss Me” Feat. Lil Wayne has his to be the most memorable verse for me, “Drake just stand for Do Right And Kill Evreything” that’s his biggest line on the album, to add Drake verse has noting to do with “missing him” and Wayne does his traditional going over niggas head with his metaphors, that just too left for my liking.

My Problem with the album is Drake gets lazy with some low level metaphors and he tries to balance melodies into songs too much on this album, I know that’s what the ladies want but I want “Rapper Drake” drop some knowledge on us Drake and I never get that on the album. Everyone who’s features steal his shine on his own album. I feel also he’s targeting to only the females listeners all on the album and the tracks he steps from that aren’t really memorable besides “Thank Me Now” He using his melodies and singing to attracted more audiences, which I feel he should have stayed true to his music and left the R&B tracks for a separate album or something cuz it takeover the album and not in a good way for me.

Overall, it’s good album not great but good, does it live up to the hype, HELL NO! but how many album really do. I feel he could have had a “College Drop-Out” “Get Rich”or “Attention Deficit” classic debut album but this album isn’t no where near the significances as those debuts and with a name like “Thank Me Later” seems cocky alone and which this album ranked at the bottom of the list of this year. I will recommend for females fans cuz he targets them, and it’s good just not what I want from Drake. I want “Room For Improvement” Drake, more hip hop swag. I will say to big hip hop fans it’s a pass if you want that lyricist Drake and just get his first 2 mixtape but if you just want to hear some good music then it’s a buy, it  may grown on me, so I might thank him later.

Recommend Tracks: Fireworks, Unforgettable, Show Me A Good Time, The Resistance


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