My Top 5 Favorite House Party Moments

I recently watched the three House Parties and each one is a classic it’s own right. The first easily in my top five movies of all time. The Blend of hip hop in a movie goes so well in this series and has some great moments and rap scenes that I can’t share all with you so I’ll just give you my top 5 favorite House Party moments in dedication to full force and Kid N Play.

5. House Party 2: Full Force lame ass Freestyle

My favorite scene in HP2 when the buff trio bust a rhyme and I bust in tears laughing.

4. House Party 3: Johnny Booze

The hilarious Chris tucker plays strip club owner Johnny Booze

3.House Party 3:Uncle Vester Life Lesson

The late Great Bernie Mac given advice to Kid pure comedy nuff said.

2. House Party: Kid Dad goes in

Classic scene from house party when kids dad(played by Late Robin Harris) goes out looking for him and gatecrashes plays party.

1. House Party: The Dance Off

The Classic dance scene of all dance scenes and the signature Kid N Play dance, I’ll still do that dance till this day at house parties it’s tradition.


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