Sex;the epidemic that destroyed millions

Sex Sex Sex…..Man I know endless amounts of people who can’t get enough of it. I mean especially growing up in New York; there isn’t much for us to do but smoke, drink, work retail(smh), Promote, or sex. Its pretty much the same routine for us, but when we go to the south its like sex is mandatory on a daily basis just off the fact that we NY bred. Though, thats not what this blog is about. I want to shake things up a little for those who are brave enough. I (Jory Johnson) am a sex addict. I’d fuck all day if I could without hitting a low sperm count lol. I don’t run from this nor to I take it lightly. I love females; like if I could manage to have more than one relationship and love more than one person I would. Not because I’m some trifling nigga, but because I love women. I can’t get enough of women. Unfortunately, my love for sex has brought me along some routes I wished I didn’t cross.

I’ve done it all pretty much. Fucked girlfriends, Fucked ex girlfriend’s friends, Fucked girls that my girlfriend’s despised, Fucked my man’s girlfriends, Fucked my man’s ex girlfriends, pretty much anything possible I’ve done. All with my lubricated partner in crime. Now I know I know, y’all are proly reading this shit like “This is a fucked up nigga” but no. Thats not the case. I’ve only fucked girlfriends of my friends that stopped fuckin with me when I got knocked in 05. So it was sort of like my payback in a preserved fashion. I’ve only fucked friends of my girlfriends that played me. Anyway, I’m young man. I learn a new lesson everyday and I wouldn’t change anything. Last night I was texting some chick that’s telling me how her man isn’t in NY and she fucked some dude the first time she chilled with him. Pretty fucked up but she’s 18 so I’ll let it slide. The world is a foul place so things like this are minor misfortunes.

So anyway, I want all of my regular readers & first time viewers to dish out their worse sex stories. Did he cum too fast, was her pussy smelling funny, she didn’t shave, was he smaller than you thought? All stories accepted and if you want you could remain anonymous. I just suggest you use a throwaway email before you comment if your that scared.

Now as for me:

I remember one of my worse  sex experiences. It was with a chick I knew since jr high. So she comes over and we have general conversation for a bit then we start to get down to business. Now the ass was looking cake & shit from her pics I’ve seen but in person it’s just a fuckin disaster. Ass reminded me of a piece of un-molded pizza dough. The panties were generic, if its one thing I hate its ugly panties. Get creative with yours; don’t come with no plain panties on because my dick will go down if I’m not sexually attracted to you. Now on top of all this she isn’t even shaved. I remember asking her “WTF is that a mow-hawk?!” and she goes on and laughs. Shit wasn’t funny though. So anyway we get into fuckin and its like just the worse smh. Good thing I got all this on camera…well thats not a good thing but you know. So 30 mins exactly into it, I go to fuck her from the back and my dick goes down. I wasn’t interested anymore; also tired of hearing these moose like moans from this chick. Worse sex ever. It just seemed like time slowed down while everything was in motion. Never again. However, me and my sex addict ways were doomed from when she first took her panties off.  Moral of the story if the mood isn’t right then don’t try to make it.

Please feel free to share your worst stories. Remember sex sells but controversy sells the sex.

7 thoughts on “Sex;the epidemic that destroyed millions

  1. I remember my first experience, I lied and told her it wasn’t becuase I thought I knew everything, all the porno I watched at the time I was basically studying for the test but when we got ready to get down, I pull out my condom and rolled it out not knowing I’m supposed to roll it on my shit. so I was trying to put on a condom that was stretch out for five minutes and obviously she found out I was a virgin so I finally gave up came clean and in results got no ass.

    1. Damn, I mean but the bright side is that you can look back on this with your son or grandson and spread some knowledge. Besides, I think anyone and everyone has lied about something pertaining to sex. You aren’t the first or the last.

      Take Care

  2. My worst was when we didn’t even make it to sex. We were making out and as soon as he started to take my shirt off, he came. I was embarrassed for him, I felt so bad so we tried again, the same thing happened so then I said fuck it and I gave up.

    1. What!? He came before you took your shirt off? You must be a solid 10 on the scale. I’ve heard of situations where people cum before even making it to sex; how that happens, I have no clue.

  3. I dated a virgin and I had no problem with that but when we
    had sex not only was he sweating like fat person, he wouldn’t shut
    the hell up. He keep talking and moaning and said I love you three
    times to me and we only was dating for like 8 weeks.

    1. Well you did say he was a virgin. So cut him some slack emotionally. I’ve had sex with 3 women in 2010 that said they loved me and we weren’t even in relations.

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