R&B Lost It’s Soul

Remember that soulful R&B music Jesse Powell, Jodeci, R.Kelly BP (Before Pee) I was young then, but I’m hipped on the R&B game now. That’s some good GTD(get the draws music) music back in the 90’s. I haven’t really touch R&B on the blog becuase it’s not the same as it once was and nowadays it has no excitement once Aaliyah passed and R.Kelly pissing everywhere, R&B lost it’s swagger and smoothness it once had. R&B is cool now just doesn’t have it’s soul, the last good R&B albums I purchased was Usher “Confessions,” Alica Keys “Songs in A Minor,” and Brandy “Full Moon” I’m still bumping those albums right now as I’m writing this blog.

It was so many great Singers in the 90’s and they all have fallen off Usher, Brandy, Dru Hill, Boys II Men, Ginuwine, all have fallen to they once dope self they were in the 90’s. Do get me wrong their some still holding it down Keys she still doing it and Erykah Baydu album is bananas but it don’t got that sooooooul. Jodeci would kill it looking like some thugs singing too, “I’ll Cry for You” that shit still go hard. KC sound like he was about to cry on that song, but like Hip Hop, Rhythm and Blues nowadays it’s all about the club bangers. Dream with his L to the O, V to the E shit, Brandy turning into ‘Brand Bu’ and T Pain need to sit his lame ass down his shit sucks all his album are wack he started the lame train. “Buy You A Drank”  I f*cks with but only when I’m parting.

You don’t even have to sing good and your in there Drake, Ciara and Rhianna yeah ya’ll wack but Ciara can move mmm, you seen that ‘ride’ video, but I digress, Usher fell off, he was like the biggest artist and fell off  bad, hoes ain’t even checking for Raymond anymore. “Confession” is top 5 favorite R&B albums got me through a couple of break ups. Brandy “Full Moon” that deal she easily my all time favorite singer. How can I forget the late Aaliyah, I swear when she passed the music changed, that’s when it’s soul left and it’s not coming back either. The genre has changed for the worst but it’s still people out there holding it down as best as they can even low key artist you may not pay attention to. Dwele, Raheem DeVaughan, Sade” Solider of Love” is crazy cope that if you don’t have it and  Jasmine Sullivan just to name a few.

Now you know who name about to say I’m sorry but, we need her back Lauryn Hill the best that did it and just left without a bye or why. I love Ms.Hill, if she come back that’s all I need. They give out record deals like flyers nowadays, long as you can bring in money you good. I just miss that music that make you feel it even Micheal Jackson music you feel it, you can’t feel music much now ain’t no soul that’s why. So in return I will feature once a week “R&B Spotlight” a talented musician with soul to try to bring back the soul in R&B. KD, Prolific Movement, signing off, Deuces….


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