People, Perseverance, and Peer Pressure….

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news for other blogs out there, but I’m a force when my mind is on point. I strive to write the most disrespectful/inspirational blogs and feel I do the best at it. Comments don’t prove we’re doing things right over on the movement; numbers do. Trust me, I see the numbers so we’re living very swell over here. However, this is what leads me into the actual blog.

People refuse to posses the determination(perseverance) to be different nowadays. Same terminology goes for children raised without any inspiration for the future. We(the world) are being crushed slowly. You’d think that most of the current events such as MJ’s death, Obama’s presidency, the recession clearing up, and Haiti would inspire people to be divine individuals. Yet we are rather intrigued by who slapped Kat Stacks, twitter beefs, or who’s going to fight in an episode of basketball wives. We as a nation are taking two steps backward on a escalator moving forward. To dumb it down for y’all; times are changing and we refuse to allow it to. Instead we let time change us. Excuse me for a bit while I fuck your mind before I get in your pants.

Everyone’s making an ass of themselves these days. Our teens don’t want to go to college, yet we want money. Parent’s want the best for their children, yet we don’t want to instill values in them. Baby, just because you rock Victoria Secret sweats with Juicy charm bracelets it doesn’t mean your fly. Same goes for fellas who turn to bragging about having money and going shopping. No nigga, you spent 100 dollars. Thats not shopping, you just picked up a few things while you were out. It’s like we’re fucking pressured to do things according to what’s hot at the moment. I’ve seen grown ass men that rather buy rims than pay a car note.

If people base their actions on obsession then where are we headed in life? Three of my exs are pregnant; its no coincidence. Its because these stupid trends have people living delirious. If you already live in the projects and have a mindset to get out then save yourself 10 years of life by not getting pregnant. I have officially confirmed it that teen pregnancy between 2009-10 has been at a higher rate than adult pregnancy. All guys aren’t possessing Bill Gates mentalities, but sure as hell fool females into thinking so. So why pick the nigga you know thats gonna end up in jail to have your baby? Why impregnate a girl that has everything good going while you rather smoke weed all day & not apply for a single job?

The views on how people feel on the outside looking in can critically destroy a nation. All I’m saying is, if you aren’t living a Bugatti lifestyle then stick to being a Honda Prius. At least its shedding light on who you really are. Human beings can be the most beautiful things on this planet when sunlight is illuminated on our distinct qualities. Here’s a quote I wrote on my sticky pad and wake up to 24/7:

“There comes a time in your being where you have to take account for all the changes upon you physically and mentally. No one determines who you are but you.” – Jory Johnson

Think about how simple that quote is and how great of an effect it would have if everyone went by it. Until the next time my loves. This has been another Prolific Movement production.


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