Hip Hop Prospects: Byata

Growing up in Coney Island, this Russian emcee, been influenced by hip hop at a young age her Dad was a former Drummer, so music DNA is in her. She been rapping for a while and finally got some recognition with ‘miss rap supreme,’ where she was a finalist and lost to Reece Steele but she seems to the more relevant one in this scenario. With here mixtape on itunes you can go get now, and another on the way, Byata is doing the damn thing and has projects with Will I Am and Mary J  in the works, this prospect may be drafted soon than later.

Byata is a true Lyricist as well, she got some memorable lines and has potential to be a big influential artist in hip hop as a female since Eve first came out.  “Let Me Be'” my favorite track from her it’s on her, mixtape/independent album “Undefined.” I’m a big fan of Byata, she the only female emcee in the game with the greatest potential and is a true female lyricist on that Lauryn Hill status. Make sure you listen to her becuase she’s gonna blow soon as that opportunity hit and become a fan of her on Facebook and the PM crew too as wells as twitter.com/Byata and here her music on soundclick.com/byata. She is has a blog as well , peep her song “Look into My Eyes” which is a hard song and which is why I feel she ahead of the other female emcees.

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