Reflection Eternal-Revolution Per Minute (Album Review)

Can I get some rollover minutes?…

Reflection Eternal is based of Talib Kweli and producer Hi-Tek. Kwelie is one of those positive rappers that get no respect becuase of their intelligence verse, which sound stupid but it’s true even though his last album hit number 1 on the rap charts, he’s still overlooked by the younger generation because he’s not the protege’ of  “cool”  but this album cooler that half of these rappers on BET. Hi Tek beast on the album with the beast and the chemistry with Talib makes it that much satisfying, but too much sweets can give you a tummy ach and that’s what this album does.

The first track, “City Playground” is a great start of the album and takes shot at wack rappers. “Strangers” Feat. Bun B, is straight street, real street music and Bun B adds some nice flavor to the track. “In This World” is a thought provoking track that you just listen to the words and get enlighten on America and Hip Hop in general and shouts a Jay sample with he famous Kweli line on the track as well. My favorite track is “Just Begun” Feat. J.Cole, Mos Def, and Jay Electronica.  J.Cole stole the show again on this track, (as he be doing) dude is raw. “Ends” is another hot track were he spits some real shit on and a great way to end the album.

My beef with the album is it’s longer than it really needed to be. The significant of certain songs get missed because of so many tracks their meanings get overlooked and some song could have been left out. The album seems to drag on after awhile, it’s like being in history class and the class feels like forever, which such an intelligent emcee like Kweli, it makes him seem like he just keep throwing more and more thought provoking songs that at the end I was like finally, this shit done let me see your notes. Don’t get me wrong I like the album (well…..most of it) but it’s 4 songs too long for my liking and to keep me interested.

Overall, this album is a great album but gets overshadowed by it’s self, meaning I was loving the album, but then it just prolong to the point I forgot what I was listening to. If I start tweeting about dumb shit listening to your album that’s a red flag that your losing the listener interest. “Distant Relatives” capture what this album tries to do excellently, which can also be why I feels the album drags. I will still recommend this album to all hip hop fans becuase it’s still delivers great music and some of ya’ll may appreciate all the content in it’s form unlike myself.

Recommended Tracks: Just Begun, City Playground, Ends, Strangers, Got Work, In This World


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