Nicki Minaj, my have you fucked up society

“Bitch go sit yo ass down somewhere please”…Oh, excuse me I was thinking out loud. I don’t wish death on people very often but, Ms. Minaj is making her way onto that list at high speeds. Where would some of these crazy image crazed bitches be without Nick; then again, where would Nicki Minaj be without Lil’ Kim? Thats an argument for another time and another day. Nicki has our female society brainwashed. Not only the young females; the older ones are being swayed over to the dark-side also.

One month everyone will be rocking pink hair, the next everyone will be gluing in their own weaves and tweeting about it.  I know somewhere inside, Nicki is highly upset that she can’t even be herself anymore. Well……BITCH THATS WHAT YOU GET! I don’t want to seem like a hater on my own damn blog but, I hate her music, I hate who she is to our female society, and I hate where she is going in her future. Bad enough her lyrics are pure garbage and sex filled. When people have conversations about her, it’s always “Yeah, you know Lil’ Wayne fuckin that.” If not that then, “Drake bussed that already.” Or my favorite “I heard Diddy fuckin that bitch now.”

Show me a person that actually says something good about this woman and I’ll shake their hand and pose for a photo. The problem is there isn’t. The digression of female respect begins with her and her style. Sad that I have to read twitter conversations or listen to females talk outside about riding someones face. Like what the fuck is the point of this. Our young females are brainwashed and being labeled as all types of bitches, smuts, nymph’s, and etc. Shit I’d be damned to dare have a kid in this environment: She’d know about sex by the age of 2 & be having it by 4.

Like I’d love to know why females actually look to her as an influence. Why her out of all people? What happened to wanting to be sexy and classy like Alicia? Even Lil’ Kim knew when it was time to change her style up. If anyone should hate an imitation then it should be her.

Lets view a couple more horrendous Nicki Minaj fakes; seriously if you idolize this chick then where are you headed in life as far as a career path besides a hoe?


5 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj, my have you fucked up society

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  2. Ooh.Em.Gee…THANK YOU!
    I do not understand this obsession.
    I do not understand where ANYONE thinks this look is Original. A.) Barbie the DOLL is the original…and she’s plastic. B.) Everything else. Lil’ Kim 2010.
    And I have been saying for at least the last 5 years…I be damned if I have a child with these influences around. I’d have to beat their ass, everyday, just because.
    And these pics. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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