Does Music Influence You? Part 2

FINALLY! got to doing this blog. If you haven’t read part 1, read here A subject i touched on before, was the influence of music. Obviously music is all around us, there are various genres and sub-genres that we often relate to. Sometimes they take us back to a memorable moment in time, sometimes they inspire and help motivate. Some can paint pictures with words, while other create landscapes with sound.

Personally, music can be very inspirational to me. Whether i’m creating it or just listening to other artists as a fan. I’m open to all genres, so i dont really limit myself. Each song paints a picture for me. As a child I used to listen to music, and my mind would instantly travel off into the distance and begin painting vivid imagery. While that may sound a little strange ha ha, I think it’s the best way to describe what it does to me. Even now, I can listen to a track and depending on the theme and the instrumentation used, it can create a bright, bold vivid picture. In short, i guess you can say, it’s like I create music videos in my head to accompany the song. Maybe I should have been a music video director, but I digress.

Point I’m making is, people don’t realize how powerful music really is, and has high pros and cons towards the younger audience. Kids under 13 tend to look for guidance in  music, fact is most kids grown up on music at the age of 2, Sesame Street and all those song a proven to teach us younger how to act. I remember Barney(Yeah I watch Barney when I was little) had that “clean up” song and when I was little, I wouldn’t clean without singing that song, which is funny because nowadays, I can’t not stop singing or play on my I pod “So Fresh and So Clean” when I’m in the shower or going out. It’s naturally installed in my brain to come out, so  negative influences can also be installed into the brain.

If your a big music fan like myself, you can even fine your personality traits in your favorites.  Music can make you do some crazy things, Crunk song make you stomp a nigga out, laid back songs make you get high and ride out, love songs make you wanna f*ck. Hip-hop culture is everywhere. The culture, which encompasses rapping, deejaying, break-dancing and graffiti-writing, has become so popular that it has entered mainstream fashion and modern language.It doesn’t stop there. The culture permeates everything from TV commercials to toys to video games. Currently, there is even a hip-hop exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. You name it, and hip hop is there representing.

The most popular rappers has the most negative music of today. They either slanging coke, pouring champagne on bitches or just saying dumb shit. I’m sorry but Lil Wayne says some of the dumbest shit and people love him for it. He says the most random shit and he’s considered the best rapper alive. He reps bloods and drink cough syrup, this is you child role model. To add hip hop starts alot of dumb trends, here some of the worst.

Five Lame trends hip hop influence:

  • Saying “No Homo” -I can get caught watching gay porn and jacking off to it as long as I say “No Homo” I’m in the clear. If you say something gay, people may not have caught it. Saying no homo makes everyone aware you said some gay shit epic fail!
  • Skinny Jeans- If you under 13 it’s cool, over 13 gets some grown man pants!
  • Barbies-This is just dumb and what you call Swagger Jacking Mattel. All ya’ll hoes should be getting sued.
  • The Grill-Total waste of money, what is the purpose of having gold in your mouth? Nothing, besides you saying I’m ignorant and have no good money management skills.
  • Shades At Night-Really, your that cool?
It’s funny becuase no one looks up to the positive rappers it’s not cool, Wacka Flocka said he doesn’t want to look up a dictionary or some shit when he hear his music but I mean but come on, he is as bright as a crayon. What the average hip hop fans thinks is cool most likely isn’t or not a positive thing to be influences in because Hip Hop is general is as positive as it once was in the 80’s. What everyone parent should do with their kids is talk about sex, drugs, and our ancestors and talk to them about music and to act and not to act what this means and etc. Only then will people realize they have no control over how the music inspires them, but they can choose the proper guidance of a musician. I leave you with a poem that I heard from Lupe Fiasco album “The Cool,”
Baba Say Cool For Thought
They thought it was cool to burn crosses in your front lawn as they hung you from trees in
Your backyard.
They thought it was cool to leave you thirsty and strand katrina.

He thought it was cool to carry a gun in his classroom and open fire, virginia tech columbine,
Stop the violence.
They thought it was cool to tare down the projects and put up million dollar condos,
They think its cool to stand on the block hiding products in their socks making quick dime bag
They think its cool to to ride down on you in blue and white unmarked cars, bustin you upside
Yo head.
Freeze….cause the problem is we think its cool too.
Check your ingredients, before you overdose, on the cool.

By Iesha Jaco


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