It’s official: LeBron is leaving Cleveland. Mike Brown gets canceled

In slick efforts to save 4.5 mil in cap room, the Cleveland organization fired Coach Mike Brown Overnight. This finally gives us an answer as to where LeBron James is headed; so far we know its a one way trip out of Cleveland. So now Cleveland is in two shit holes instead of one. LeBron will be searching for a team that will fit him and I expect Mike Brown to be picked up by the Bulls or the Wizards. With all the scrutiny to the Cavs organization within the last couple of years; they have truly been a successful team compared to others in the league who went from championship contenders; to falling off the face of the planet. Lets go through a number or accolades by the three keys to this organization:


  • Held the best record  in the NBA for the past two seasons
  • One trip to the NBA finals
  • One eastern conference championship

Mike Brown

  • Officially the best coach in Cleveland history( 272-138 Win Pct.663)
  • One Coach of the year award

LeBron James

  • All rookie first team
  • First team all NBA multiple times
  • Four time NBA All Star
  • NBA Scoring champion
  • Two time All Star game MVP
  • Seven time Eastern Conference player of the month
  • and etc lol

So its obvious we can dispute that  LeBron James is un-coachable. He now has a midst of options:

  • Go to the Knicks and be payed in MSG stock( Higher value than regular salary)
  • Go to the Nets and become an international star in Russia (Yao ming like)
  • Go to the Clippers and pray Mike Dunleavy puts some pieces around him aside from Blake, B diddy, & Eric Gordon
  • Go to the Wizards and fuck John Wall’s shit up…..Ahh lol even I know thats not gonna happen
  • Go to the Heat with D wade; then be coached by Pat Riley
  • Go to the Bulls with hopes to dethrone Derrick Rose of his team( Like Mike did to Pippen)

This off season is going to be one to remember; especially if he opts to move to the Mavs and Dirk resigns. I don’t believe Mike Brown will be winning any championships, so it’s pretty interesting to me which team he will help develop over time.

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