John Wall is going to need God if he gets drafted to Washington

John handled the questions well after the lottery was over with but, you could obviously see that he doesn’t want anything to do with the wizards. If drafted to the wizards; I expect him to be shelved from his own talent for the first year. Maybe at the end of the next season they’ll figure out what to do with Gilbert and his 100+ million contract. John Wall is his own player. You cannot place a slasher/scoring pg on a team where the star player is an all star caliber pg. However, no team can implement this better than the Warriors and I don’t expect them to trade for Wall. Theres two things to look for Washington to do after the playoffs are completed:

  • Trade Gilbert for an all star shooting guard or forward. If they plan on keeping John Wall then they will have to make this John Wall’s team. Gilbert is going to be a distraction next season no matter where he plays. So get him out of there now and evade more misery to the nation’s capital.
  • Surprisingly, trade John Wall for an all star player. Teams are going to be ringing the phones off the hook for this guy come draft day. I’d love to see him on the nets with Devin Harris running the 2 but thats not going to happen.

No one knows what John Wall’s fate will be come next month. Whatever happens; fuck it. Blake Griffin is going to be the rookie of the year anyway. Even Blake says fuck you to the haters and that dumb ass John Wall dance. Don’t worry Blake, we won’t complain because you got the hoes.


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