Don’t Call It A Comeback!

Here is 5 artist that I’m anticipating their comeback or wishing they comeback into the music industry. The game would be so much greater seeing these artist back into the light…


As the front man for the legendary Ruff Ryders Records, DMX was one of the most successful rappers in the late 90s to early 2000s. He had hits for days and sold a lot of records, from “Party Up” to the “Ruff Ryders Anthem” X made hip hop classics. But for as many hits he’s had in his career, he’s probably had the same amount of legal issues. From his animal cruelty charges to the probation violation, Earl’s been dealing with the legal system for most of his career. It’s been said that he’s linked up with Swizz Beatz and there’s even footage of him in the studio with Dame Grease. Let’s pray DMX gets himself situated so he can return back to the game and start putting out those hits again.


I’m anticipating their solo joints but I haven’t heard a complete album with the duo since Stankonia and that album was bananas. They are the biggest rap duo in the rap game period with their last record together was “International Playa” UGK joint and they out shined them on their own track. 3 stack lyricism and Big Boi swagger together make a incredible duo. Meth and Red the batman and robin Outkast is Superman and Iron man two heavy hitters. I know they will be returning soon but, I can’t wait! I’m literally pulling my hair out to see these two back at was they do best and deliver good music.

Lauryn Hill

Loosing Ms.Hill like losing Yoda or Neo losing Morpheus, she was intellectual music. Not only would I hope to see her return as well as along side the Fugess crew would also be sick to see again. Her beautiful voice and love for hip hop brought such a versatile style of music yet to be match. With “The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill” a cult classic proves why she is a great artist, she raps, she sing, she be doing the damn thing! Why she left in the first place is crazy! I need you like a fat kid need snacks. I hope she fianllys returns to the studio and gives us all what we want and that’s another great album.

Digable Planets

The most slept on trio in rap history! Though they were not the first to synthesize jazz and hip-hop, DP epitomized the laid-back charm of jazz hipsters better than any group before or since. They had two great album that are basically unheard and it’s crazy because thier style of music is ahead of their time and it would fit great with todays music.  DP basically dissolved due to the dreaded “creative differences” but they need to resolve it and give us a great album for the ages. this groups deserves it’s recognition as an elite hip hop trio and Ladybug, still fine as she was back in the day also slept on as one of hip hops top female emcees. I swear they can comeback and have an big impact on the hip hop world.

Ja Rule

Yep thats right, Ja Rule, has anyone else realize that negro Plies ripped Ja Swag. I know half of ya’ll saying “Ja? he trash,” but ya’ll wasn’t saying that till 50 got big and before that Ja was one of hip hops top stars the fact he vanish is crazy. His first album “Vinnie Vinni Vechi” was hot an his “Blood In My eye” record was crazy. It’s not like he wasn’t shooting back at fif just didn’t win the gun fight. Ja has lists of hits from “I’m real” with Jennifer Lopez mmm, I had a flashback of that ass in that video, anyway “Holla Holla,” “New York, New York,” and “Clapback” and “Crown” Ja was dope. I think  if he gets that swagger back he can have a big impact, I know Fif got in the dude but fif falling off bad and Ja, it’s your time to return and get your spot back. Plies ain’t fucking with Ja no way he’s the original “Ladies Man” check this man stats.

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