Iphone OS 4.0 Beta 4 Released last night; Closing in on official release!

Apple sent the beta 4 of OS 4.0 last night to developers and I have to admit; I’m fairly impressed. I’m also jittery at the fact that the official software will be released a month from now. I do not have any Apple sources to confirm this but, as we know the betas are released two weeks apart from each other. Beta software doesn’t go past a 5th stage. After the 5th stage comes the GM seed which is the official release to devs maybe a couple days before non dev iphone owners. So to put it in perspective for my readers ; June 1st Beta 5 is released & June 15th OS 4.0 is officially released. Assuming that this new iphone will be coming out sometime from the 3rd week of June on; Steve Jobs will reveal what the phone looks like probably as close to official release as possible. Then again he’s Steve Jobs……whether we get a visual or not it will still sell.


The beta 4 provides numerous updates:

  • The home screen isn’t cluttered anymore. The utilities folder quickly makes ease of the crowded first springboard screen bunching up the clock, calculator ,voice memos, and compass.
  • We now have numerous wallpapers to choose from. Now making the Iphone more Mac os like.
  • Heres a big one: TWEETIE(Now renamed as Twitter) PHOTO UPLOADING BUG HAS BEEN FIXED. We can now upload photos via tweetie 2 with no problems. No photos rotate upon upload and same thing for mms messages. None of them rotate counter clockwise when you upload them.
  • The GPS problem has now been fixed also. However, the pin to locate where you are at the moment is now purple.


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