Nas and Damien Marley ‘Distant Relavties’ :Album Review

Africa Stand Up!!!!!

I don’t know why, but I had low expectations on this album. I forget how talented Nas is, he real too, he doesn’t ever try to fit the mainstream style of music, he always does his own thing. This album is no different than being outta the norm and it works it’s like “Nigger” prequel and directed at our motherland more than “Black” America. Damien Marley holds his own along side the God son and is a slept on musician, which this album should give him the recognition he deserves.

The album start off with Nasty Nas going in on “As We Enter” attacking all political issues in Africa and some in America. Next track was “Tribal Wars” feat. K’naan another slept on musician with great talent, the song is dope, that’s song is deep, Nas goes in. “Friends” is one of my favorite track, i think of Bob Marley listening to that, it has his swagger on their with the beat and Damien. “Count Your Blessing” another dope track, as well as “Dispear,”  “Land Of Promise,”this album is a must buy for any fan of hip hop, Nas is dropping knowledge that young teens need to hear in general, they’re quick to get a Rap album about making coke but never real music about real issue which is irony to me.

The sound of the album is a African tribal/Reggae sound. the sound so laidback and a Bob Marley “everything Gonna Be Alright” vibe. Nas lyricism on the tracks makes it even better, Nas and a Bob Marley album would of been EPIC! This is great too, just saying, that would of been history but this is the next best thing and it’s what I want from Nas, real shit. Damien Marely is incredible, I’m now a fan of him and will be looking for new music from him in the future.

My issue is not with the album but the label heads and the you. To the labels, they never push real music, They can push Soulja Boy superman and a GS Boys stanky leg but Nas never gets the same respect. Nas is the best in the game hands down no one can flip it like he can and some afraid to, becuase they want to sell. Then the fans, most of ya’ll buy the lamest rappers shit and then have the nerves to say Nas ain’t relevant or Mos Def and etc. They better than your whole top five favorite artist. If they sell or not because their talent is there, which is why they’re still here and your favorite rappers falling off.

Overall this is a dope album, I got what I wanted plus more. Nas fans don’t even have to read this review ya’ll already know, but to you youngings get hip on your hip hop status. Even someone who is not a rap fan I can recommend this album, it’s in a league of it’s own. Nas is a genius, people think he is  dumb, but in reality, he making you look dumb if you pass up on him.

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