What were you thinking when you wore those leggins? Oh, I know. “Fashion Disaster!”

Somewhere along the lines of my twitter account, many of my followers are going crazy with anticipation right now.  There’s so many ways I could start dissecting this preposterous trend that its not even funny. Please turn off all your parental filters and hide the children. To advance straight into things; WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU BITCHES THINKING!?

Since when was it a trend to come outside half ass naked in New York? This leggin and ugg trend has really revolutionized the female nucleus on everyday outfits. I Jory Johnson have a strong beef with this shit for the simple fact that; young girls wear these type of clothes looking like fast asses yet its wrong to prejudge them. Why can’t I call you a hoe if your out in the streets with your pussy all squeezed and your bare ass is within reach? FIRST OFF, look at the damn picture I posted of Olivia Wilde(actress in the hit tv drama “House) dressed in leggins, uggs, and her camel toe not to mention the fact that SHE TOOK THIS PIC IN CALI! WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT OF WEARING SNOW BOOTS IN A STATE WITH SUMMER WEATHER ALL YEAR ROUND? I try my best to give women and the females my utmost respect, however this is one trend that just pisses me off soo much.

If anything there should be rules to this trend like:

-If your younger than 18 you can’t wear leggings. How would you feel if your 15 or 16 year old daughter went to school with a camel toe to impress the guy she has a crush on? We live in a world of impression and obsession. Female’s do shit for attention from guys & vice versa.

-If you weight more than 200 pounds this definitely should be a million feet away from a drawer or closet in your house. Please don’t embarrass what you stand for as a human being by your fashion statement.

I’m all for looking nice when you got outside but, come on son! Don’t have your daughters and nieces outside looking like sex symbols cause everyone can see her ass through her clothes. Please leave this outfit at home this summer; its not worth the attention.

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