The Study OF The Female MC

The female emcee doesn’t seem relevant nowadays in hip hop or has it really ever. Crazy thing is, I will buy a female R&B record before I’d buy a female rap album. Female rap artist  seems to come and then go as a faze, like auto tune or The “crank dat” fiasco, but this ain’t about that, this one for the ladies and why dose it seem that female success in the hip hop game sounds like the chances of America having a black president, not likely right, but we have a black president but still, no big female rap star.

We got dope females emcees but they’re not relevant, Remy Ma and Eve, easily the best female emcees of today music but still aren’t relevant as their debut in the spotlight. Eve came in strong with the ‘Ruff Ryders’ the first lady joint and all was dope, but she was just a faze and she dope but she under the underground artist in the level of success in hip hop and why is that? Eve doper than Wacka flocka, Souja Boy and Gucci Man plus like half of the other mainstream cats and they’re more relevant than her and why is that? I know why and it’s simple but yet complicated it’s becuase……she’s a women.

Understand that Hip Hop is a male dominate genre same as Rock and women seem to less likely to get respect in those genre because, they constantly get objectify by those genre. “Move BITCH! get out the way,” is not making it easier for females to make a name in the game. It’s like a hoe trying to get respect from her pimp, and that’s just never gone happen, he might slap the shit out of  you for asking. You his bottom bitch and you will always be his bottom bitch and who looks up to the Pimp game……the rap game. All that ass shaking in the videos and Supahead snitching, no wonder it’s hard for a women to succeed in the rap game.

And to make it worst, you buy the shit and make it harder for you own sex and say shit like, “He ain’t talking bout me,” but white boy say nigga, he don’t got to be talking about you, and you get offend. Black chicks got mad when Imus called them manly chicks “Nappy Headed Hoes,” where could he have get this from, the same music you buy and say they ain’t talking bout you on, but now they is and it’s too late to change now. So when it comes to hip hop, females have no respect, Nikki Minaj oh she “Hot” but she still gets no respect from the fellas, what we say “Oh she sucks but I know she got fat ass,” or “She had to suck a couple of D***S at young money to get where she at,” and women no better than men hating on each other. Then you look at women like Nikki Minaj and Trina they set themselves up to be degraded and not taken seriously with a song like “Ding A Ling” c’mon son!  In the rap game they just bad bitches that’s trying to rap in any man’s eyes don’t agree….


Yeah, dudes will respect her looking like that ha, now I’m not saying you gotta dress like a dude to be a dope emcee, just a lot of female emcees dress like hoes (hints the pimp references) and then, want respect. You gets pimp slapped for that. My favorite Female emcee Queen Latifah, pure dopeness with “Lady’s First” U.N.I.T.Y is a track that explains her demand for respect in general and if she gotta get hood with it she would, but don’t forget that she’s still a lady either. another is the lovely Lauryn Hill, please another album, she ain’t even about looking sexy she was about her music and that’s it, like how it really should be from jump. I recommend any female to get ‘The Miseducated of Lauryn Hill’ and educated yourself on a true women of hip hop.

If you read the Trina review, understand what I’m coming from. Their is a small percentage of female rap artists out there, and even smaller percentages that’s hot.  So I put female emcees on a higher pedestal than males becuase there’s not enough of you to be out here degrading your self becuase you will set that standard as a female in general. Trina a bad bitch and dressing like in the pic above and doing what she doing in that pic, I will go to a club and say hey, yous a bad bitch, like thats the black female alone representation as a whole based on Trina. Nicki as well, to add she’s as wack as Trina and she rap about lesbo shit. I’m no homophobic, but I ain’t ready for homo erotic lyrics. Nicki is blowing up on some realness, becuase of her looks, she’s an attractive women but her music garbage. “Flow tighter than a D***K in a butt” C’mon son.

So in the end, there will never be a “Female Jay-Z” at least for a long time. I mean yeah Nikki is here now, but she won’t last just like every female artist dose, just quietly fall to the back of  male dominance. Anyone know when WNBA start…yeah but I digress. All I’m saying is as a whole, females need to check themselves before they try to check us in the words of Tupac “You wonder why they call you a bitch?” well… now you know.

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