Lebron proves us wrong again; It’s still Kobe’s league

Last night Lebron fucked around & got a triple double. Even a remake of Ice Cube’s historical lyric  couldn’t describe what happened in game 6 of this series. James was in full attack and it simply wasn’t enough leading into the end of the third quarter. Turnovers killed this Cavalier team at a crucial point of the game. Which is the reason why I will not place individual blame on no player.

This series could have gone either way for both teams. The Cavs with their strong offensive attack; the Celtics pound for pound defense. I personally had raised eyebrows toward James’s game after the last lifeless performance in game 5. Mark my words, that elbow injury is worse than described to the media. 

The uneducated NBA fan will quickly jump the gun and say Lebron isn’t a good enough player. However, with me being a Kobe fan even I can admit Lebron is a great player. Not everyone gets what they want in life when they want it. People misconstrue Lebron into this Jordan hype and throw more pressure on him than necessary. Lebron James was born Lebron James; not Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan had damn near an all-star team when Chicago went on its championship streaks. Fortunately Jordan gained all the fame from the big shots he hit within those years. Think about it; Micheal Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Steve Kerr, B.J Armstrong, Ron Harper, Tony Kukoc, Dennis Rodman, & Horace Grant. Compared to Lebron James, Mo Williams, Shaq, Jamison, Jamario Moon, Anthony Parker,and Big Z. Do the math, Lebron is nowhere near better than Michael Jordan and the Cavaliers don’t have a strong foundation as the bulls of the 90’s. So with all due respect please stop trying to criticize this guy or not doing his job. For gods sake he took the Cavs to the finals the season right after Detroit won the chip.

On a side note; boy did the Celtics have young legs. With the help of a strong bench and a Life changing poster dunk by Tony Allen over Antwan Jamison; them boys in green truly held their own going into halftime. The game managed to stay fairly close after that. Lebron put on a scare for Celtics fans when he drained two back to back threes in a row in the 4th. Rajon Rondo proved to be way too much (21Pts and 12Ast).

I expect this man to think hard in the off season, especially after being booed off the court in game 5 by his own fans. Immediately disregard any idea of Lebron joining the Knicks. Whether or not he does;

  • Mike D’Antoni’s playing style does not fit Lebron’s Game
  • Donnie Walsh has done his job clearing cap space, but not even a second major player would sway Lebron to NY
  • Theres also no way in hell he would win a championship his first year in NY

Don’t be surprised if he shocks the world and joins the Nets. Jay-Z with ownership within, New Jersey looking to have an excellent NBA draft, They also have room to sign another big time name besides himself. So now it is a waiting game. Its not the end of the world, his sneakers will still be released and next season he will have the #1 selling Jersey.

They kept saying this year would be his year. We just never knew what for. Now its time to focus on the true king of the NBA, number 24.

On the bright side now Lebron can get a haircut. Anyone up for that Common movie Later on today?


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