There’s no such thing as a Black America in America

Before I move into the topic; I want to inform those that anything you may see in this blog post has no pun intended for certain individuals. I come from African, Hispanic, Jamaican, Indian and Caucasian decent. This blog post is intended for the enlightenment of those who are unaware. Our blog isn’t racist, nor am I as an individual. African-Americans have been fighting for generations of change since slave days. This is a picture of the 1968 Olympic games 200m final where Tommie Smith raised his right fist to represent black power and John Carlos raised his right fist to signify black unity. I’m not about to give a full-fledged history lesson but, as you know we’ve been fighting for a long time to be recognized as equal.

There ‘s no such thing as a Black America in America. While I’m ashamed to have said that; I want every Hispanic and Black adult or teen to be in tune. If you aren’t an Illuminati believer its okay. However, We as a whole need to open our eyes and recognize that there is a secret society out there that has been incredibly successful in depriving our culture in New York. It’s amazing how within five boroughs more than one hundred people die every day. Mainly of African and Hispanic decent. One thing I’m very concerned about is gun violence within these five boroughs. It’s very horrendous for one to preach the an end of gun violence; then in the same sense not try to find out where these guns are coming from. I’ll admit I got a little pissed earlier throughout my test of the Twittelator pro app on my iPhone. I began tweeting about these national issues back to back wondering would I be sent to twitter jail since the update claims it prevents it. Anyway, I immediately pictured it as a food chart of some sort; except with factory makers of guns relaxing at the throne. Merchants & Police at the middle level. And the ghetto down bottom. This is where I, and every other Black & Spanish Male or Female roam. Here we are no stranger to gun violence, black on black crime, or hispanic on hispanic crime. Our children are so corrupted from the areas we live in its impossible to get the motivation to do something positive. We listen to drug selling music but, in between the lines you have to wonder how are we getting these drugs. We as black people didn’t create drugs, yet we get harassed and patted down as if we were. In Harlem gun violence is definitely on the rise due to gun related deaths. I used to make jokes about how no one really means to shoot each other because their just trying to hold an image; now I sometimes rethink that idea. A beef in Harlem can be started with something so simple as an ice stare or a grill(Someone who stares directly into your face for longer than 5 seconds). Here is where my food chart I mentioned earlier comes in. There are 200 million guns in the United States with only 80 million legal owners. So these guns are made from factories, shipped through customs to wherever, and sold to men in our communities that go and resale these guns to children.  Similar to a drug trade. It remains skeptical to me how detectives are the ones doing investigations to get guns off the streets 20% of the time;on the flip-side to that we have at least two or three thousand cops that walk or drive around these boroughs daily with the only intent to bust drug dealers. However, if your lucky enough to be the only individual outside at 4am, depending on the area of residence you might have crack or any other drug planted on you by a cop. Ladies and Gentlemen there’s no need to watch a Spike Lee joint to encounter this because even white filmmakers create movies like this. Consequently it teaches someone this is real shit that goes on in the hood. Do the math; guns & drugs aren’t just found in the streets our of random. Now you tell me there isn’t some type of secret society or system in progress.

White America looks at us as worthless, no good drug dealers because we allow them to. We’re so blinded by the life around us that we don’t sulk in the negative within. It doesn’t stop here though, due to these circumstances in our area we get arrested or evicted. Families kicked out apartment buildings destroyed or renovated to move a Jewish or Caucasian family in to pay rent triple of what African-Americans or Hispanics were paying. Then it hits you, Pow…GENTRIFICATION IN THE FLESH.A person looking on the outside in would think something like this would open the eyes of most in a community, but no. Children are the future so why is it that only parents and local politicians are aware of this? Why not the children? I’ll tell you why; instead of going to school we’re worried about what bitches are on twitter, who’s talking slick, & re-tweeting everything Rev Run says like he’s some internet genius. With no idea of the meaning in between the lines of whats typed via blackberry. In closing, I notice that African-Americans truly do dick ride Barack Obama.

We waited and waited and waited for someone to stand up to represent us other than Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan when we should have been trying to be all we could since day one. It’s real depressing come from a place whereas everyone’s killing each other but, only sticking by one another’s side when we refuse to snitch. Open your eyes and read in between the lines. Growing up to not be shit is benefiting higher societies that continuously degrade us. Think I’m lying? Listen to sly fox by Nas. Go outside and look at who’s on the corner every single day. Go to a party and wait for someone to pull a gun out hours before its end. It’s around us and it’s not going anywhere since we won’t allow it. The trials and tribulations of a race born to not survive.

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